Experiment. The aim of this experiment is to identify which substances are present in the flu medicine powder

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Experiment A1: Qualitative Tests on Organic compounds The aim of this experiment is to identify which substances are present in the unknown white powder. This includes the compound that are said to be present and the substances that are typically found in a flu powder. The results from this test are as follows: Test for substanceObservations ExplanationPhenylephrineHydrochloride test with Cu2+ +CuSO4: the solution turned into a light blue colour.+NaOH: the solution turned dark blue +Ether: the solution split into two layers; clear and dark blue at the bottom. From the observation made it is visible that unknown white powder did test positive for Phenylephrine. Up until the addition of NaOH the outcomes of the two test were similar.  Despite there being a yellow precipitate at the bottom the unknown white powder does contain Phenylephrine. Unknown tested for Phenylephrine +CuSO4: solution was cloudy to begin with. Changed colour from cloudy light green to yellow. +NaOH: solution turned dark green with yellow precipitate.  +Ether: Formed three layers;
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clear, blue and yellow precipitate at the bottom. Ascorbic Acid test with Ag++ Nitric Acid: solution turned from a white cloudy colour to yellow cloudy. + Silver Nitrate: solution turned into a dark creamy colour with silver precipitate. The purpose of testing Phenylephrine in this way is to see the reaction it has with Ag+. In this way you are able to determine whether the compound has an effect with the reaction with the unknown white powder. From the observations made the unknown powder did turn out to have similar outcomes as the test for ascorbic acid whereas the Phenylephrine ...

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