Investigating Ohms Law.

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Christopher Prentis 11OW                Physics Plan

Introduction: In this experiment, we will be investigating Ohms Law and we will be doing this by testing the potential difference across a wire.  The ohm law is R=I/V

Where R = resistance

I = current

V = Voltage

I predict that the factors that can affect the potential difference of the wire are:

  • Length of wire
  • Thickness of wire
  • Temperature
  • Type of material

Ohm’s Law which states “The amount of current flowing in a circuit made up of pure resistances is directly proportional to the electromotive forces impressed on the circuit and inversely proportional to the total resistance of the circuit.” It is measured in (Ω) and the equation used is:

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Resistivity Ω =  Voltage V


 Current A

I think the length of the wire is directly proportional to resistance. So that as the length doubles so does the resistance.

Aim: In this experiment, the aim is to find out what the link is between the potential difference of a wire of constant length (wire 2) and the length of a wire of varying length (wire 1).


Hypothesis: I predict that as wire 1 gets longer, the P.d across wire 2 will ...

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