Investigating the stretching of a material

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Investigating the stretching

of a material

AIM: I am trying to find out what factors effect the stretching of a spring.

Things, which might affect this, are:

· Downward force applied to spring and elastic band.

· Spring material.

· Length of spring and elastic band.

· Number of coils in spring.

· Diameter of spring band material.

· Cross sectional area of spring.

I have chosen to look at the effect of the weight applied, as it is a continuous variation.        


PREDICTION: I predict the greater the force applied to the spring or elastic band, the further it will stretch. This is because extension is proportional to load and so if load increases so does extension and so stretching distance. I will also work out the extension which is done by taking away the extended length from the original length. In order to see if my prediction was correct, I will use Hooke’s Law. (-Robert Hooke (1635-1703), English scientist, best known for his study of elasticity. Hooke also made original contributions to many other fields of science.) He said that extension is proportional to the downward force acting on the band, and there will be a elastic limit where the band and the spring can’t take no more and will constantly drop and with the band it will actually break.

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PILOT TEST: Before the actual investigation we did a pilot test to see our estimate results.                  ‘Apparatus:

stand & clamp

Newton meter



elastic band

‘Method: In the pilot test I used the above apparatus. First I clamped the Newton meter on, then suspended the spring on. I measured at what point the spring was at without weights on, with a ruler. Then put on 1N of weights and see how low its gone, then repeat the same things 6 times. In the ...

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