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Investigation to find out how tension on an elastic band affects the height a paper pellet reaches

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Science Coursework Physics Investigation to find out how tension on an elastic band affects the height a paper pellet reaches Plan I want to investigate how changing the tension on an elastic band effects the height a paper pellet reaches. The equipment that I will be using is: 1 clamp stand, 3 clamps, 1 ruler, 1 elastic band and 1 paper pellet. Prediction I predict that the more tension on the elastic band will push the paper pellet to go higher. I also think that double the length pulled on the elastic band will result in the paper pellet being forced higher than double the height, this will be because the tension on the elastic band will be higher than double. ...read more.


Diagram Results Experiment 1 Cm's Pulled Distance up (cms) Force (Newton) 1 1 1 2 20 1.2 3 55 1.6 4 96 2 5 115 2.2 Experiment 2 Cm's Pulled Distance up Force (Newton) 1 1 1 2 24 1.2 3 54 1.6 4 85 2 5 127 2.2 Experiment 3 Cm's Pulled Distance up Force (Newton) 1 2 1 2 19 1.2 3 46 1.6 4 80 2 5 146 2.2 Cm's Pulled 1 2 3 4 5 Ave. Height 1.33 21 51.7 87 129.3 Graph Conclusion In our experiment everything went as planned, the more the elastic band was pulled the higher the paper pellet reached. The experiment was kept fair and was few problems. ...read more.


Evaluation The good points about our experiment were that it went safely and that it was fair as we used all of the same equipment, elastic band pellet etc. The bad points were that the results were not as accurate as I would have liked, we were within 5cm over or 5cm under of the actual height. When the experiment was repeated the results were quite similar this may be because we were actually quite accurate. To make our results more accurate we could do the experiment against a wall with a ruler against it, this would stop the paper pellet flying all over the room and you could get a more accurate reading if against a wall. ...read more.

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