Titration - Preparation,Neutralisation and Applications in Industry

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Preparation of the Standard Sodium Hydroxide solution. P2.

Aim: To make an accurate Sodium Hydroxide solution ready for titration.                              

Apparatus: Sodium Hydroxide pellets, Pipette, Distilled water, Volumetric Flask, Spatula, Weighing scale, Goggles.

NaOH: 23+16+1=40g.                                                                                                                                                     40g NaOH in 1 litre (1000ml)                                                                                                                 10g in 250ml                                                                                                                                                          1g in 250ml                                                                                                                                                           0.1 molar

Method: Firstly we weighed out exactly 1 gram of the Sodium Hydroxide pellets ensuring accuracy to its highest to prevent any flaws in our results. We then carefully put the pellets into a volumetric flask. After that we poured approximately 100ml of distilled water into it and shook the solution for approximately a minute till the pellets were fully dissolved. Then we added approximately 150ml of water to make it 250ml we used the meniscus to maintain accuracy by putting the line to 250ml.We ensured our glassware was calibrated correctly to the measurement marks by using reliable manufacturers. Finally our Sodium Hydroxide solution was ready for neutralisation.

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Sodium Hydroxide Titration Experiment. P2.

Aim: To make the Sodium Hydroxide solution turn green (neutral)

Apparatus: Boss, Clamp, Retort stand, Burette, Universal indicator, Sodium Hydroxide solution, 1molar HCL,  

Method: Firstly we set up out Retort stand by attaching the Clamp, Boss and Burette. We then poured 10ml of Hydrochloric Acid into the Burette. We then placed our Sodium Hydroxide solution underneath the Burette in a conical flask and added 2 drops of universal indicator turning the solution purple (alkali).



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