Assess the Pluralist theory of the media and ownership

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Wasim Mohammed 441588 Assess the Pluralist theory of the media and ownership The mass media is the means by which messages and images are communicated to a mass audience, it does this through its various Mass Communication Technologies (MCTs), for instance the Internet is a very powerful and influential MCT communicating worldwide.  MCTs educate, persuade and inform as well as entertain their audience.  Media is geographically dispersed and has no limits due to its global domination.  It is also culturally diverse and socially mixed. Pluralists believe that the mass media is reflective of social reality, and acts as a ‘mirror’.  They state that it has a functional role in meeting the demands of its
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mass audience, and thus owes a duty to the people.  Marxists on the other hand would argue that the media constructs desires and creates social reality.  In other words it is a sculptor of a worldview and distorts social reality which is based on exploitation of a powerless majority, thus it is an ideological tool of the powerful bourgeoisie and reflects their interests.  Over eighty percent of the media is owned by Trans National Corporations.  But does ownership have any effect on the media coordinators? According to pluralists the answer is simply no.  They back this by highlighting the fact ...

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