Caderousse principal crime was to be an accomplice to Fernand and Danglars.

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                Maria Jose Valenzuela        

                January 13, 2003

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Gaspard Caderousse was originally one of Edmond Dantes best friends but he admitted that he envied his happiness for a short while. Caderousse principal crime was to be an accomplice to Fernand and Danglars, the two men who because of their jealousy wrote a false letter denouncing Dantes as a Bonapartist agent.  Gaspard was a partner in the crime because as they where writing the denunciation letter in the tavern he was given many things to drink until he hardly knew what he was doing then the next day he was present when Dantes was arrested and was persuaded to remain silent and coward. But this was not the only coward act Caderousse he committed he continued doing disgraceful acts against people. After the Abbe Busoni visit he decided to sell the diamond he had been rewarded for his honest information, but when the jeweler came to pay him the forty-five thousand francs for the diamond he killed him in order to double his fortune to keep both the diamond and the money. Finally, the last crime he committed was against The Count of Monte Cristo. Caderousse entered the house that he believed to be inhabited, beaked open a writing desk and searched for another person belonging. While Caderousse was in the Counts house he attacked the false priest planning to kill him with a knife, but unfortunately for him the weapon bounced back instead of sinking in the priest’s chest.


Caderousse first punishment was made by God who made him live in poverty and bad luck. As soon as God offers him some fortune his ambitious soul wants to double it so he is delivered into the hands of human justice, personalized by Benedetto’s hands, who wounded Caderousse while he was leaving the count’s house after his intend to rob him. While Gaspard was waiting for his death he was submitted to a quarter of an hour of suffering and despair talking to Abbe Busoni who instead of consoling him he lead Caderousse to dessert.

In the reader’s opinion Caderousse punishment was not enough for all the pain he made Edmond Dantes suffer. Gaspard was one of Dantes best friends and was the only one who could save him the day he was arrested in his bethronal feast.  In one’s opinion it is evident that although Caderousse suffered trough his life, his punishment was not enough for all the pain and sorrow Dantes suffered in prison. While reading the novel it is evident that the author’s main character expresses a similar opinion when he communicates that “Caderousses fifteen minutes of agony and despair where not enough, I swear by the grave of my father that I would have tried to bring him back to life and repentance.(285)”  

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Mercedes’ crime was marrying Fernand Mondego instead of Edmond Dantes. A month after Dantes was arrested and taken to jail, she married. “She received with a joy which he mistook for love, but which was actually only happiness at no longer being alone in the world.”(90) They married in the same church Mercedes was going to marry ...

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