Examine the Marxists explanation of crime and deviance (12 marks)

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Examine the Marxists explanation of crime and deviance (12 marks)

The term criminogenic refers to a system, situation or place which is likely to cause criminal behaviour. Marxists argue that the capitalism is criminogenic as its very nature causes people to commit crimes. This is due to the inequalities created by capitalism – the bourgeoisie and the proletariats. The bourgeoisie use a variety of techniques and methods to ensure that they remain the ruling class, including exploiting the working class. The working class face few chances to achieve social mobility due to a variety of factors including, material deprivation, poverty, labelling, RSAs such as the police and a false consciousness.  All these factors therefore prevent the working class from achieving socially approved goals through legitimate means, ultimately leading to crimes. Poverty may mean that crime is the only way the working class can survive; this leaves them with few other alternatives other than committing utilitarian crimes such as robbery and fraud. However, it can be argued that  the Marxist explanation on crime and deviance is too deterministic and over predicts the about of crime in the working class as not all poor people commit crimes, despite the pressures of poverty.

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One way in which capitalism is criminogenic is through the way society advertises consumer goods - it gives the working class an incentive to commit utilitarian crimes to achieve the consumer goods on show. Society also promotes non utilitarian crimes such as violence and vandalism. This is due the working class facing alienation and lack of control over their lives which therefore leads to feelings of frustration and aggression. However, it can be argued that criminal acts are not just committed by the working class. Capitalism promotes a ‘dog eat dog’ system in which the profit motive encourages the mentality ...

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