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Obesity in todays Society

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Obesity in American Society Obesity is becoming a major public health problem in the United States. The percentage of overweight Americans increased dramatically since the 1990's. According to the National Center for Health Statistics Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults are overweight and obese. The statistics for adolescents and children are showing that fifteen percent are overweight. (National Center for Health Statistics) The obesity rate in American society is growing fast. These statistics show that excessive weight or obesity is a major factor for more than one third of Americans' cause of death. The physical appearance of people is hereditary it is also caused by environmental factors such as, parents and economic status. C. Bouchard, in his article "Heredity" states, "Heredity influences weight gain, fat distribution, and responds to overeating." This statement can be simplified as a bunch of chain reactions within the body resulting in overeating and difficulty of weight loss. Lifestyle also determines how genes develop. Another contributing factor to obesity can be genetics; genes affect weight gain by affecting metabolic rates. There are different rates of metabolism. Slower metabolic rates can affect how much a person gains and how hard it is for people to lose weight. The metabolic rate in obese people is low, so obese people gain more weight. Some factors of obesity can be a genetic predisposition, family history or a wide range of biological differences. ...read more.


states that doctors need to encourage greater weight loss in obese patients due to the fact "...that obese people are twice as likely to die from any cause as people of normal weight". Doctors should have outreach programs that help their obese patients find solutions to their problem. Knowing what causes obesity isn't enough to cause change. Doctors and other people need to donate money to help these people achieve their goals and help to provide for making America a healthier place to live. Unhealthy eating habits are a direct cause of obesity. You can say that "Americans are switching to the dark side... of meat" this includes burgers, and fried chicken. These foods are made with a high concentration of saturated fat and contain too many grams of fats and calories. That is why people gain extra pounds. According to Bern, "Daily carbonated sodas and two- for-one value meals are sacrifices we make at the cost of our health, carrying an extra risk for certain types of cancer" (Losing Weight: More than Counting Calories). People's health improves when a variety of fruits and vegetables are eaten, not junk food. The reason is not to force a person to eat foods the person hates but rather to find ways to introduce vegetables in Americans diet. Eating Fruits and vegetables can gives people energy to do daily activities such as working out and job orientated work. ...read more.


This can be done, but many people will have to play an important part by being more considerate of what they sell, cook, serve and allow themselves and their families to eat. Exercise is needed in everyone's lives. Today, outdoor activities and athletics should be stressed more than ever because of the problem of obesity. Gym classes should carry more weight in grade schools. Outdoor activities should be promoted and encouraged by authorities. With the rising cost of medicine, this approach would serve people to save money. Also, exercise is good to take off stress from work and/or studying. Cities should make sure that streets have sidewalks where citizens can jog and walk to almost anywhere they desired whenever and wherever possible, especially in residential areas. Bicycling is a good work out too. That is why; local authorities should include bike lanes in to ensure that cyclists have a place to ride their bikes. Greater emphasis should be placed on hiring teachers that have background on the health or physical field. Schools should make commitment to serving healthier foods. Obesity can be managed if people control their eating habits and manage their life style properly. If people will not make the changes in their lives, obesity, which is caused by unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper exercise, and hereditary influences, can ruin or even take away many more lives. That is why; people must consider obesity to be dangerous to their lives. ...read more.

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