The breakfast club

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The breakfast club

Walking into school on Monday morning at 9:00 I was wondering on how the day would go. I still wasn’t sure on the whole concept of Saturdays detention. I had told nearly complete strangers about my life, things that I had never told before

 My friends knew about the detention but they didn’t mention it. Like who would talk about Saturdays detention? That’s valuable clothes talk time wasted! Josie and Marie talked about what they got from the mall, and their plans for this weekend, but all I could think about was John. Was I going mad from spending to much time with those misfits or for an hour or so, did I really like him? Thoughts ran through my head until I was practicly walking on the other side of the corridor away from my friends

“Claire” Marie shouted. This took me out of my thoughts of John for a minute

“What is wrong with you” marie carried on “I wasn’t going to mention it, but are you ok from Saturday?” I knew what she ment, a girl as popular as me should never be seen on detention on a Saturday, if people found out they would think of me as a trouble maker or something to that extent. It was two months away from prom and for the majority of the year I was almost certain to be queen and I don’t want to lose my high position so near to the big event.

Join now!

 Going to first period I saw Andrew walking my way. I wasn’t embarrased of him, after all he was in the wrestling team and every girl likes a man with muscles. I smiled sweetly as I walked past and he repied with a nod of the head. Josie looked at me in bewilderment of how I knew andrew.

“He was there on Saturday” I said

“I’m going to go if I can find a hunk like that” she laughed. Yeah a “hunk”, again thoughts of my kiss with John over ruled my head. I had been secretly watching out for ...

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