To investigate how the ideology of childhood has changed over the years, I interviewed my granddad who is in his 60s,

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What has happened to childhood?

Childhood in its simplest term is defined as the period of time that a person is a child, for a something that sounds so simple childhood is an extremely complex concept. No-one’s childhood is ever the same, similar, yes! But our childhood experiences are unique. Affected by many factors  such as; personal experiences, personality, restraints (money, rules, laws) , period born, place that we were born, gender etc… .

        Childhood is understood to be social constructed, therefore  the definition of an ‘ideal’ childhood never says the same for long even in the same society expectations of childhood is constantly evolving, circumstances change; new laws are passed, enhancements in science and technology, war all contribute to the social construction of childhood.  It is thought as years have passed that the childhood has improved; more toys, more places to go, better education, entering a technological era, greater understanding of health, all are a part of the life we all now know. However, no matter how many toys, recent gadgets, new clothes  a child is given is it really any consolation to the loss of quality time with their parents?  

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        Money does not grow on trees, and in recent years percentage of both parents having to work has increased dramatically, you are far less likely to see a stay at home mum but  two working parents that won’t even be home by the time their children get home from school. It is said that children have become more independent? Partly I agree children do have to spend more time without the company and influence of their family, however, everything else is handed to them on a plate, children now no longer have to work for what they want but get ...

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