Compare the final accounts of two organisations explaining the similarities and differences.

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M1 Compare the final accounts of two organisations explaining the similarities and differences

Similarities and differences between the sole trader and the limited accounts

Both of the companies have the same structured profit and loss account but they are still different. If we have a look at the profit and loss account we will see that they both have sales, opening stock, and purchases, less return until it is reached by the overheads. This also shows that they also have different currencies, the subway Groningen deals with the Euros and the subway LLC deals with American dollars but in millions as subway Groningen dealing only with thousands. Not forgetting that the subway in Groningen is a franchising company and the subway in America is LLC. Groningen subway only does it profit and loss account for its own company and the subway in America is for the whole subways that are franchised. What is also different is that the profit and loss account from the subway LLC is that they have a share of profits; this means that this company has shareholders which are them. Profits are usually distributed to shareholders in the form of a dividend some profits may be retain by the business as working capital which will be seen in the balance sheet. Subway Groningen doesn’t have that because all the money will goes straight to the sole trader and he will have to pay subway LLC for the franchising of subway and the rest of the money will end up going into the business. As we look all the overheads from Groningen subway they have a lot of fixed cost to pay such as, rent and rates, heating and lighting, telephone and general expenses this is because they are running a business and is dealing with customers, now the subway LLC you can say is the head office of the subway industry, they more have office supplies and vehicles and the equipment which I would guess sells to the franchising companies. Both they both has depreciation on their vehicles which shows that they choose it quite often. Since subway Groningen belongs to a sole trader, the sole trader will eventually put everything in the profit and loss account so that he or she can see where the money is going and coming from.

If we have a look at the balance sheet now it is also structured the same, they have the same fixed assets and current assets, but if we look at the depreciation from the subway in Groningen it is much higher than the subway LLC, I would say is because the subway Groningen probably have one vehicle while the subway LLC have a few so the depreciation will be less because they are using more than one truck. If you also notice in the balance sheet is that subway Groningen pays tax and subway LLC don’t because a sole trader their business income is counted alongside any other personal income they have for tax purposes, so accounting is relatively straightforward. Their tax is calculates via the annual self assessment process. So which means the sole trader will have to pay tax on their profits. But for subway LLC does not offers its shares for sale to the public but they must be registered at the Companies House and, at Present. This is a form of different rules and regulations for both companies. And which will be discussed her below.

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Identify the main legislations that determine how both the sole trader and the partnership accounts are presented and submitted.

For a sole trader they will need to keep careful records, they must define personal transactions, for example taking stuff from your own stock and if working from home, they must be careful about apportioning what is for the business and what is for private use for example he utilities bill. It’s good for a sole trader to keep a log book to keep detailing the business; these records will be useful when filling in tax return. If a sole ...

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