Describe how customer service can be monitored and evaluated investigate a range of organisations

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BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS – TASK P4 The– Name:-__ ______________________ Describe how customer service can be monitored and evaluated – investigate a range of organisations OrganisationMethod used to monitor customer satisfactionWhat is done with the results to provide the best possible customer service?Examples of how customer satisfaction is monitoredNandosInformal Customer FeedbackCustomers are asked during there meal if they are enjoying
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there meal. Any problems are dealt with straight away for example a problem with the food is given straight to the chef and any problems with service is given to the managers.Any complaints given by customers are noted in a log. This will help to identify if there are any problems that keep arising. This customer feedback is taken from every customer therefore it is an ongoing process in monitoring  customer satisfaction.Manchester College QuestionnairesAll results are collected and collated to come up with a overall view of the students theses are then passed onto managers who can tell the departments ...

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