Discuss the benefits of internet marketing to Virgin

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Assignment 2 task 1

The benefits of internet marketing


The benefits

Global Visibility - Using the internet virgin is able to create a web page for their company. This allows customer and potential customers and billions of people can visit from all over the globe which increase their customer base.

Promotion of new product - Using the internet virgin can put out new offers and promotion that they have, where many people can see and but also they are able to see if the products are making it in the marketing world by the sales that it got but also the ratings that it receives.

24 hour service - Virgin are able to use the internet to keep their productivity going at all times whether night or day. This is great for their company because it gives the impression that the do care about their customers by creating a service which will be open to them whenever suitable.

Increase in sales and profit – Virgin believe that having a website where they are able to promote new service gain customers and this will increase their sales and profit as there are billions of people that will be able to visit the web page.

Corporate image – using the Internet can increase their corporate image as they will be seen by millions of people across the world and probably be trust worthy and then they will be seen as a brand that customers respect as they can provide goods, where they can access it.

The opportunities

Online customer service – Virgin use online customer service to help their customer when in need of their assistance. They have created a FAQ (frequently ask questions) this is a page that will include all enquires that customer have and have asked before and have answered them. With this customer can see the answer to the question that has already been asked, so it might result in them not having to ask the same question twice.

Provide wide range of product – With the internet Virgin can provide a wider range of product than what they have available in stores. This means that they can offer different types of holidays and phone contract to suit their customers.

Appeal to a wider range of people – Using the internet virgin will surely get the attention of people all over the world as it is a global business. With the internet Virgin can provide wider range of products and service that will attract many people all over the world but because they also have a website that their. This also makes it easier for their customer to visit.

Google search engine - Using the internet has make Virgin more effective as they can use different type of search engine to help their customers and potential customers to get to their website a lot easier. How they would do this by if their customers type in anything remotely to what product to service they have to offer, it will lead them straight to their website.


The company that I have chosen for E business is Virgin. Using the internet I think that it has made Virgins online website more efficient as it can provide wider range of products, which they don’t have in store. This will also give their customer and potential customer’s satisfaction and probably gain loyalty toward the company. Using the internet Virgins is able to provide assistance, even though it not face-to-face, they provide their customer with forums and blogs and FAQ, with the company can respond to questions and enquires of the customers. The advantage of this is that the company can see the changes that they need to make within the company to fit their customer and potential customer needs. As it has been proven that using the internet is more efficient to communicate with their customers

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Internet marketing benefits Virgin as they are able to increase their customer base as the will be millions of people from every corner of the world visiting their website. This means that they are able to target potential customer that are not able to physically come to their store. With this they are able to expand their organisations due to the increase in their customers. It also exposure for the company fir their company and brand name.

The good things come with the using the internet marketing is that there are not geographical restrictions that will affect the customer from ...

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