Explain how development in the consumers market have impacted on food retailing

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To explain how development in the consumers market have impacted on food retailing

Radical development in consumer market – this means how fast the consumer market is changing

Continuing changes – this means that the market is frequently changing

Customers’ expectations and demands – this is what the consumers want and what they expects from businesses

Radical changes have had enormous changes on the consumers market especially though the last couple of decades. For example the way customers shop nowadays is really different compared to the way people used to shop years ago and this is due to huge development and changes that the consumer market has undergone. These days we have supermarkets and multi stores who sell almost every kind of food from many different countries around the world compared to years ago where we could only a certain type of food with a limited variety

Despite all this the consumer market is still going through changes, the VARIETY of food coming from different cultures around the world is infinite. The fast food or take away for example have extended their varieties and availabilities. We can get a taste of Indian, Italian food or food from whatever countries whenever we want to because it is all readily available for us

When it comes to food retailers, they’ve had to constantly adapt to these changes and keep up to date with the latest food style to attract consumers. They did this by offering this variety and different food to consumers who demands it. They made all this available because the consumers demanded it and in order to keep customers, retailers have to be able to fulfil their needs and give customers what they want.

2 Changing social and working patterns

Working pattern does change as they have to in order to keep up to date with the changes and the demands of consumers. For example in some areas, shops and stores stay open till really late in the night. This happens because of the customers in that particular area who shop a lot at later hours in the day or in the night. Since the businesses are always looking for more customers, they are forced to fit in with these customers’ demands to adapt to these working patterns. This is also part of the radical change that the consumer market went through and it forced retailers to offer much more flexible opening and closing times than it did years ago. Nowadays, many retailers leave their businesses (shops) open for much longer period of time during the day, some of them even open on weekends as well as week days.

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Affluence has also played an important role in the radical change of the consumer market. A precise example of that would be higher consumers cost. Consumers nowadays have to spend more to be able to obtain high quality food or goods. Some consumers are willing to pay high price in order to get the quality. This in turn has impacted the consumer market and because of that, retailers have special area or shelves in their stores dedicated to high quality good, they are mostly named finest range.  Tesco or Morrison’s for example have these finest ranges where people with more ...

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