How the Equality Act, Employment Act and Health and Safety at Work Act affect Primark.

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Equality Act 2010

The equality act 2010 sets out the requirements for keeping people safe in the working environment. This includes keeping an accident book and recording all visitors entering the business. This act protects people from discrimination over their race , gender , age , sexual orientation , civil partnership and if they are pregnant .

Designing the job advert and deciding where to advertise the vacancy .

In the job advert Primark cannot advertise that they require a male sales assistant as they would be strong enough to carry boxes of clothing from the stock room .In the job advert they cannot advertise asking for a female because they may know more about fashion. In the job advert Primark cannot state they would like an employee from the ages of 18 to 30 because Primark need the shelves to be stacked and the stock to be moved at a fast rate . In the job advert Primark cannot state different rates of pay for different genders on the job advert . Primark would receive fines and get a bad reputation as they would have broken the equality act 2010 , which would lead to Primark being unable to attract quality staff . If Primark was unable to attract staff , the clothes would not be replenished and there would be no stock for the customers to buy . To avoid facing these implications HR should ensure that the job advert complies with all the equality act 2010. As well as not having discriminatory information , the job advert needs to be placed in a location where every race , sex , age and religion can see it . This means it would be breaking the equality act 2010 if Primark only displayed the advert in a catholic Church as this implies that Primark only wants catholic employees . This would stop candidates of other religions applying for this particular job as well as not applying at Primark for any job . This would give out bad reputation for Primark .

Job description and Person Specification

In the job description Primark cannot state different pay rates for different genders . For example Primark cannot state that the pay for males is double the female pay rate . In the job description / person specification a candidates of a certain age cannot be excluded because Primark believes they may not stack shelves as quickly or be able to stand up on the shop floor for the whole day . For example if Primark said they were looking for an retail sales assistant from 18-24 years old , they would be breaking the equality act . On the person specification a certain religion cannot be excluded for example if Primark said they was looking for a catholic employee . Pregnant candidates cannot be excluded on the person specification and job description on the basis that they may not be able to carry out boxes of stock from the stock room. On the person specification Primark cannot state that they want a female retail sales assistant as they are female and would understand fashion better than man . If Primark did discriminate in the job description or person specification they would be breaking the equality act 2010 . If Primark did have a discriminatory job description /person specification they would receive fines as well as a poor reputation which means Primark would be unable to attract quality staff which would lead to a decrease in the number of customers coming to Primark and purchasing clothing . This means Primark would be labelled as unethical and the staff would become demotivated which will lower their productivity and efficiency .
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Shortlisting Candidates

Primark cannot choose to not shortlist a candidate because they stated in the application form they are a certain age that Primark do not believe is suitable for the role of retail sales assistant as they may not be able to stand up all day. Primark cannot discriminate against a candidate if they are of a certain religion , for example in their cv the candidate may have stated they are did work experience at their local mosque or said they cannot work on Fridays or Sundays . Primark cannot discriminate against a particular ...

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