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Marketing definition and its role Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in product or a service that the business is offering.

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Introduce to Marketing Task 1 - Marketing definition and its role Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Task 1 - Marketing definition and its role Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in product or a service that the business is offering. It is also essential to the growth of any organisation. Marketing is mistaken as just simply advertising. This is not the case as there are four main aspects of marketing (the four P's). These are promotion, price, product and place. "Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably". - The Chartered Institute of Marketing. This definition looks at the satisfaction of customer wants by identifying them not only in the present but also analysing them in the future. The Marketing Concept is based on the idea that business can meet their objectives by concentrating on customer needs and also satisfying these needs better than competitors. This concept is in active when customers have more income so then they are more selective, so their needs was not easy to identify and in marketing concept goal is to identify the needs before producing the product. ...read more.


Marketing principles are the goals of the marketing department. There are four principles, which are, keeping ahead of competitors, using new technology, understanding customer needs and communication effectively with the customer. Keeping ahead of competitions is an important principle, because the customer will always go to the organisation with the best service and quality of the product and service and this will keep an organisation ahead of their competitors. Here is a example of this, think you have a store that sells jackets, jeans and t-shirt etc, but there is also another 3 stores that sell same as you, they will be your competitors, this will be a competition between you 4, so to get ahead of the competition you must have a stock of superior quality, in point of novelties and variety with the excellent store service, then you will be at the top of the competition. This is why the principle keeping ahead of competition is a goal that helps marketing department to achieve their aims. ...read more.


Communicating effectively with customers is a principle that business must follow, it is meant by letting customer know about the products or new products or new services. The organisation must keep their customers informed and let them know all the times so they can trust and stick, this will lead into a successful business. The businesses can inform their customers by lots of ways. This could be by advertising on TV or elsewhere. Here is a example think you have a shop that sells fast food like burgers and chips etc, if you don't inform your customers all the time they will think you make non quality food or you come up with a new burger but they don't know about it so you can fail the business, but if you inform them all the time they will trust your food and know about the new burger and they will stick with you all the time this will lead to a successful business. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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