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My marketing strategy suggestion

To account for the modern necessity of e-commerce I would improve the T-Mobile website. The T-Mobile website is already very effective and offers almost everything available in a shop therefore there are only two ways in which I feel improvements can be made;
  Offering a phone comparison feature would be very useful. This feature would allow customers to compare the functions, specifications and prices of several products at once.
   When loading one of the ‘shop’ pages such as pay as you go deals I found the initial page very overpowering. There is a lot of information and graphics on a single page and therefore I would recommend simplifying these pages.

I would recommend two new sponsorship deals, one with Manchester United FC and the second with X-Factor.
   Manchester United FC is not only regarded as the best British football club but they also have the largest fanbase in the world. This would increase sales with Man United fans and the publicity would be immense considering T-Mobile would be branded on every football kit and across the stadium. The Manchester United stadium alone supports over 76,000 people and this combined with viewers of TV coverage add up to an average of 8million viewers. Manchester United is renowned for reaching finals and in most cases winning them, the last champion’s league final reached 14million viewers which means a phenomenal amount of publicity, almost 23% of the British population to be precise. The only downside to this is T-Mobile would have to end their current sponsorship with West Bromwich Albion which could cause a bad reputation with West Bromwich Albion fans.
   X-Factor has become embedded in society as an annual ‘must-watch programme’. X-Factor is undoubtedly one of the most popular TV shows ever created and has been reaping in masses of viewers and publicity for 6 years. Currently X-Factor shows a short presentation created by their sponsor at the start of the show, before and after breaks and at the end of the show amassing roughly 3 minutes of viewing time. What this means is that 13 million viewers (as of 2009) will spend 3 minutes watching a clip purposely created to advertise T-Mobile.

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My new slogan for T-Mobile would be:
We Are The Best.
I feel that this slogan is very simple and clear and if supported by T-Mobile being the ‘best’ mobile phone service then it could be very effective. It shows that T-Mobile is confident and clearly is offering the best deals otherwise they would be putting their reputation at jeopardy by using such an outgoing slogan.

My product recommendation

I recommend T-Mobile launch a campaign promoting my four packages that are specifically aimed at four market sections, ...

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There is a danger that this just becomes like 4 different companies. It is hard to know where T-Mobile could promote their product to appeal to all these different and differing market segments. It would greatly increase costs to try to do so. It is clearly very well thought out however and there is a great deal in this presentation that is excellent