Beeston Rylands Golf Course I.C.T. Cousework

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Beeston Rylands Golf Course


Welcome to my GCSE ICT project. I will be basing my project around a local golf club. I have approached and asked them as to whether they required any ICT solutions. They replied saying that they already had an ITC consultant but had a few problems for which I could produce solutions.

Above are some pictures of the course. It is widely regarded as one of the best golf courses in the region. It has over fifty registered members. The club is based in a suburb of west Nottingham. It is regarded as a beautiful piece of land in the middle of the modern town of Beeston. The main course is an eighteen hole Par 70 championship course that has been the host of many major amateur tournaments. It has even had the honour of playing host to the Senior Masters of Great Britain championship. It also has a nine hole par 27 junior course. Naturally the club has a restaurant, complete with licensed bar, and a shop selling all of latest equipment. There also are 4 practise putting greens. For entertainment there are two pool tables and a dartboard. The entrance to the golf club is quite secluded from the main road that runs through Beeston. The population of Beeston is around fifteen thousand.


I interviewed Mr Ian Smith the owner of the golf club to try to find possible tasks:

RP: Hello, are there any problems in particular with the current system that requires any immediate work?

IS: Nothing in particular, but we are struggling with the current system of recording members. The current system is non-computerised. It is currently very slow and subject to errors by staff. We are looking to create a database form it.
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RP: Anything else?

IS: We currently do not have a web page or a logo.

RP: What sort of content would you be looking for in a web page?

IS: Not a lot really, just a simple homepage with details of our location and how to join; nothing fancy like e-commerce would be required.

RP: Would you require a logo on a letterhead?

IS: Not really, we already have a letterhead but it is a bit outdated. It is not a large problem however; we don't really need a logo on the letterhead ...

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