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Beeston Rylands Golf Course I.C.T. Cousework

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Beeston Rylands Golf Course Introduction Welcome to my GCSE ICT project. I will be basing my project around a local golf club. I have approached and asked them as to whether they required any ICT solutions. They replied saying that they already had an ITC consultant but had a few problems for which I could produce solutions. Above are some pictures of the course. It is widely regarded as one of the best golf courses in the region. It has over fifty registered members. The club is based in a suburb of west Nottingham. It is regarded as a beautiful piece of land in the middle of the modern town of Beeston. The main course is an eighteen hole Par 70 championship course that has been the host of many major amateur tournaments. It has even had the honour of playing host to the Senior Masters of Great Britain championship. It also has a nine hole par 27 junior course. Naturally the club has a restaurant, complete with licensed bar, and a shop selling all of latest equipment. There also are 4 practise putting greens. For entertainment there are two pool tables and a dartboard. The entrance to the golf club is quite secluded from the main road that runs through Beeston. ...read more.


IS: I don't think so but the menu may need rethinking, currently it is very difficult when prices are changed and new system in the changing of prices on the menu could be useful. RP: Thank You for your time, this should give me a good idea of what you require. IS: I hope it all helps. Analysing the Interview At present the golf club does not use a logo. They do, however, have a letterhead. They said that they would like it improving, maybe by adding a logo to it, but it would not be on top of the list of priorities. All records of members are non-computerised. This is a very large problem. They have never sent out individual letters to members concerning tournaments; they usually leave letters about the tournaments at the entrance to the club but believe a mail merge letter could work very well. The club does not have any sort of web page but does very much want to get online. The club has in the past had leaflets designed, printed and delivered by professional leaflet designers, however there is a possibility of creating a much cheaper costing solution. The menu was updated recently and needs little work, however a better system of changing prices could be of use. ...read more.


Letterhead As mentioned before, we would like the logo to feature prominently in the letterhead. We are looking for a modern look that has a unique effect. Space at the bottom of the page as well as the top could be used. It is imperative that it includes all contact details i.e. the clubs address, telephone and fax, website and email details should be included. The task as a whole is very open-ended. Database All we are really looking for is a system to store all of our member details on. We need a system that can filter out different types of members and players with different ranges of handicaps easily. Website Websites have become a very important part of any business. We do not want a very complicated website at this moment, we simply want to get onto the web. The site should maintain a high quality image of the club. It should contain a brief history of the club and some information about the facilities the club has. It should have all of the necessary contact details. There should be a fair amount of graphics "showing off" the club and the course. We believe we have a beautiful course here and we would like to show this to anybody visiting the website. Raj Purewal GCSE PROJECT 2001 - 1 - ...read more.

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