Death of a salesman - Willy Loman.

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Death of a Salesman Tasks

Death of a Salesman

Task One: Willy Loman

Willy Loman is a very complicated character, to say he is a ‘hero’ would be too sudden to say. After reading the first act, I have concluded that I don’t believe he is a ‘hero’ as he is believed to be. He tends to be very self absorbed and a pessimistic man in the beginning. He lives a dream that involves only him and Biff (his son). He doesn’t appreciate or pay attention to Happy (his other son) and Linda (his wife).

I think he is a failure as a person, although I believe he was a very strong and caring man in his past. But after reading the first act and connecting my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that he is a very troubled man who seeks help desperately and he’s very lonely without Biff being there anymore.

Since he is very lonely he began to live out his past, which to him was sort-of dream like. He had the perfect son, who was attractive, athletic and thought to be a successful man in the future, as Willy believed he was when he was younger as well. His dreams have always involved money; he thought money brought happiness. This is where I believe Willy wanted to live the “American Dream”, where you get happiness out of wealth. He believed so much in the “American Dream”, he thought his life was almost like it in the past, and he wanted it back desperately.

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In act one, page 46, Linda is speaking to Biff and Happy about Willy. She claims that he is trying to kill himself.

“Linda: He’s been trying to kill himself.”

This proves to me that Willy just wants to end his life because he feels sorry himself, and he can’t live with the truth of his life, He keeps on referring to his past, because he missed it, and he knows he’s done mistakes but he can’t admit it.

He ruined his relationship with his song Biff, and ruined Biff’s future, because he was ...

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