Describe in detail how I would if I had the chance direct Act2, scene 1, Macbeth - I will include lighting, camera angles and props.

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Ian Lilly                                                                      18th Oct’02

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In this essay I will describe in detail how I would if I had the chance direct Act2, scene 1. I will include lighting, camera angles and props.

Act 2, scene 1 in Macbeth is probably one of the best scenes in the play, as it has pretty much everything in it that you would want in a tense situation such as this. Macbeth is about to commit the worst crime thinkable and nobody except for his wife has any idea. This is great on the part of Macbeth and he does very well to hide this from the rest of his supposed friends. The scene shows Macbeth cracking up under the pressure of the task at hand and I think this is great and I would definitely have Macbeth act the same way, as we all know he has mixed feelings about the crime. We know that Macbeth has been pressured a lot by his wife to go through with it as he had said he wants to back out.  For me to direct this scene in the correct manner, then there would have to be a lot of repetition, emphasis on important words aswell as having many different camera angles. These three and other extras such as language will combine to put feeling and pain into you by sending it through Macbeth. You would hopefully feel in touch with his character more than ever. These advantages were not available for Shakespeare and there for it should be better watching it through the cameras and seeing the emotion close up.

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For the language used by Macbeth towards everybody else, I would have him act normal but have some nerves just showing through so that you can see it is eating away at him more and more as the minutes count down. When he is alone sitting at the table, I would have him acting insane and weird as he is talking to himself and have sweat dripping down his face to see the pressure showing through. These should combine together enough to convince you that he is becoming psychotic if he isn’t already. This should help to build up tension ...

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