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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2582

Direct Line Insurance. The investigations focus was the decision to cease writing their own bespoke software in favor of purchasing an off the shelf CRM (Customer Relation Management) solution

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FO Degree Networking Case Study Direct Line Insurance 21st March 2006 Contents GROUP WORK 3 INTRODUCTION 3 REPORT 4 CONCLUSION 12 BIBLIOGRAPHY 13 APPENDIX ........................................................................................................................ 14 Group Work The team (three members) was tasked to investigate Direct Line Insurance. The investigations focus was the decision to cease writing their own bespoke software in favor of purchasing an off the shelf CRM (Customer Relation Management) solution. As part of the investigation the team considered the situation prior to the purchase of the software, the effects or influences of kaizen on any solution, Direct Line Insurance acquisitions' and the customer experience. The task was broken down into a number of parts: * Initial investigation of Direct Line Insurance * Investigate Kaizen * Investigate Chordiant and CRM software * Produce a CRM diagram * Produce individual reports An initial meeting to delegate responsibilities was held and the report author was designated as project manager. It was agreed that as individuals we would investigate all the major components of the task (this would facilitate individual learning). Following the initial investigation, further meetings would then take place as necessary to correlate information, agree further investigation and decide the report format including the CRM diagram. (Appendix) Introduction Direct Line Group is one of the success stories of Britain's new economy. Wholly owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland it has been selling insurance since 1985. ...read more.


Kaizen often takes place one small step at a time, hence the English translation "continuous improvement," or "continual improvement." Yet radical changes for the sake of goals such as just in time, and moving lines also gain the full support of upper level management. The cycle of Kaizen activity can be defined as: * standardize an operation * measure the standardized operation * gauge measurements against requirements * innovate to meet requirements and increase productivity * standardize the new, improved operations * continue cycle ad infinitum. (also known as the Shewhart cycle) Emiliani, M.L., with Stec, D., Grasso, L. and Stodder, J. (2003) The "zen" in Kaizen emphasizes the learn-by-doing aspect of improving production. This philosophy is focused in a different direction from the "command-and-control" improvement programs of the mid-20th century. Kaizen methodology includes making changes and looking at the results, then adjusting. Large-scale preplanning and extensive project scheduling are replaced by smaller experiments in improvement, which can be rapidly adapted as new improvements are suggested. Imai, Masaaki (1986) Changing face of Direct Line Faced with an expanding portfolio of products and the need to think hard about how customer interactions were handled, in 1999 Direct Line broke with the tradition of developing in house software and purchased a suite of software from Chordiant, a US Customer Relations Management programme supplier. The need for a simple, convenient and speedy service led to a strategic review of the company's IT systems. ...read more.


This will provide operators with flexible, detailed sales processes and prompt information, including competitor information, enabling product cross selling and up selling, and allowing new products to be introduced quickly and effectively. The objective is to increase conversion rates and customer retention rates while reducing costs. Looking further ahead, Direct Line plans to extend its channels to market its product offerings while managing all customer interactions within the Chordiant process-driven environment. "We are moving into the next phase of customer relationship management, as a "direct-to-the-consumer" company, we want to offer all direct channels as they become viable options for customers. The Chordiant solution enables us to deliver the full range of sales and customer service channels including interactive digital TV and WAP-enabled mobile devices" Iain Gray Conclusion Ultimately, Direct Line's decision to use Chordiant is about providing better customer service. With the company's latest move into discounted online car sales in addition to financial services, its customer base can only grow larger and more diverse. With the combination of Chordiant solution based software and the Kaizen cycle activity of standardised operations, measure the standardized operation, gauge measurements against requirements, innovate to meet requirements, increase productivity, standardise the new improved operations and continue cycle. As Direct Line's operations grow on the web, through its call centres, and into new electronic channels, its customers will continue to receive the same fast, personalised and knowledgeable service consistently across its e-Business channels that Direct Line has offered for the past fifteen years on the humble telephone. ...read more.

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