Part One essay for Blue Remembered Hills

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Part 1 Drama – “Blue Remembered Hills” and “Bruises Heal”    “Blue Remembered Hills” was written in 1979 by Dennis Potter.  It’s set during the 2nd World War and takes place in the Forest of Dean in Somerset.  The play follows a day in the lives of seven 7-year old children.     The style of the piece is naturalistic with the exception of the fact that the children are played by adult actors and the voice which recites the poem that the play is based on at the end.  I play the part of Raymond, who is one of the weaker members of the group as he has a stutter (which the others sometimes bully him because of), although he “ almost always grinning.”  He is also the only boy to show reluctance at violence:Raymond  W-Why don’t we l-l-lul-leave it al-lul-lone - ?Peter  Hark at him!John              (singing together)    When the mum-moon shinesWillie  
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                                          On the cuc-cowshed...Raymond’s smile wavers.   The story revolves around a summer's afternoon in a remote country setting - the play opens with Willie, eating an apple and pretending to pilot a war plane, when he encounters, falling from a tree as a parachutist, Peter. After a fight over Willie's apple - in which Peter attempts to show how powerful a bully he can be - the two eventually spot a squirrel and chase and corner it up a tree. They are joined by John and Raymond, and the group of lads attempt to force the squirrel down the tree and ...

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