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A Day In The Life Of Hayley Martin

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A Day In The Life Of Hayley Martin Hayley Martin is a Year 11 student in Halyard High School. She is taking 11 GCSES. As her clock radio plays at 6:45am, she slowly rises out of her bed and goes to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and then gets in and has her shower, after her shower, she feels really cold so she wraps herself up in her towel and puts on her dressing gown. She goes into her room and dries herself, and then gets herself ready for school. She puts her deodorant on and then dries her hair then puts it up, this usually takes 15mins, while all this is going on her mum is making her a cup of tea and some toast. Hayley puts the radio on upstairs and sings away to the songs on the radio while putting her hair up. After all that she puts her make-up on, her mum calls her down for her breakfast she quickly does her make-up and goes downstairs for her breakfast. The time is moving closer to 8:00 and Hayley she hasn't even got her bag ready for school yet. ...read more.


The bells about to go and everyone goes back to class, me and Teela are first in class and we go into the cooking room and talk to Mrs. Burtenshaw for a while, she tells us to go back into class cause we'll get told off for being there, so as we walk back in the class the bell goes for second lesson, we all leave, I walk around with Kelly and Anita and we go to the changing rooms for P.E. I meet my best friend Joanne and my good friend Amanda we chat for a little and then Jo and Manda get changed for P.E, I'm not doing pe for a few weeks I hurt my back, and I can't do any sports for while, and I can't strain my back either. As everyone goes to P.E, I collect my mates' jewellery and then go to the sports hall; Miss Griffin takes the register while everyone's doing P.E, she asks me why im not doing P.E, I give her a note and she asks the people with me why they aren't doing it. After a while Jo and Amanda come over and talk to us for a bit, the lesson is nearly over and we all go back to the changing rooms.. ...read more.


As soon as the bell goes, we all rush out to meet our mates and walk home with them... I wait for Rebecca, Becca, Daniel and Graham and John We all walk home the same way, we all walk home and its such a laugh, I cant describe how funny it is... we all get to Radnor Road and we say bye to Rebecca, she lives in Oatfield Close, we walk the rest of the way down the street and Becca goes home, graham goes another way and me, Dan and John, walk a bit then Dan goes home, and me and John walk home, we live round the same street.. We walk up to our street, and we walk to my house I go home, get changed and go on the computer, I go online, and talk to my mates. I talk to them for a while, then I go up to my room and do coursework and revision... I go downstairs and watch TV for a bit then go back on the computer to talk to my mates again... I'm online for a couple of hours, then I turn the pc and go to bed, I watch Graham Norton, then go to sleep.. And that's the day in the life of Hayley Martin By Hayley Martin A2 ...read more.

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