A Taste of Honey How does Shelagh Delaney present the changing factors of Jo's character?

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Christopher Ball 10A2 English. A taste of Honey

How does Shelagh Delaney present the changing factors of Jo’s character?  

In this essay I am going to be looking at the play a taste of honey and looking at the factors of Jo’s character. This play was written in 1956 the writer Shelagh Delaney was only a teenager when she wrote this play

Helen and Jo are mother and daughter and they live in tatty flats. Helen meets a man named peter and they get married. Helen leaves goes to live with peter. Jo meets a boy who is in the navy. They spend Christmas together Jo gets pregnant and the boy leaves. Jo meets another boy called Geof and they set up home together. Geof is bisexual. Helens marriage breaks up because peter goes off with a younger woman. Helen comes back to and moves back in and get rid of Geof and he leaves and then it is mother and daughter again

In the play Jo is the main character as she is always present in the play. In the play Jo meets Jimmy who is the father of her child and she also meets Geof who is bisexual and they have a relationship, Jo also has relationships with her mother Helen. Jo and Helen doesn’t get on well with each other and Helen leaves Jo at home when she goes out in the play a lot happens too Jo her mother leaves she gets pregnant, she lives with a bisexual and her mother returns

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Thought out the play Jo’s character changes at the start Jo is critical as she says to her mother “your knocking them back worse than ever” she is capital and organised as she says “I hate to see an un-shaded electrical light bulb I will put my scarf around it”, “im not just talented im jeanious” When Jo meets peter her character changes she becomes as she says “she’s jealous” she says this because she is jealous of her mother. Jo becomes quarrelsome when she says “I can’t bear to see me being affectionate with anyone” Jo also becomes annoying. ...

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