An appeal to teachers - EFL essay.

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An appeal to teachers

It's more than just the snout factor that annoys me with Norwegian teachers.

 Norwegian teachers lack understanding of style and aesthetics. A good example is that when teachers go with two different socks that certainly does not fit together. There is a correlation in bad teen behavior when you have a bunch of teenagers gathered in a small room with poor ventilation and you have to understand that an authority childish behavior will not be taken seriously by students , and they will thus behave like their incompetent teachers. There is a saying in Norway which stated; monkey see, monkey do.

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For example one day so we had a teacher who had given up hours altogether, he read the newspaper instead of trying to teach us, so we could do whatever we wanted and it was great disorder .

In addition, it is so damn hard to get from a Muslim country and come to Norway where teachers dress in tight clothes and running around and bursting with butts and boobs for they think it's so damn cool. I wonder how to concentrate under such circumstances. Any teenage boy would choose to look at tits instead billboard behind them - so ...

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