Analysis of Jem and Atticus in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

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Ten years old when the novel begins, Jeremy "Jem" Finch acts as Scout's playmate and protector who is Entering adolescence during the course of “To Kill A Mockingbird”. He is introduced and illustrated through the narrative of his younger sibling Scout’s somewhat bias outlook on life, who adores him and trust his judgment.

Throughout the text, Scout sees Jem display characteristics similar to that of Atticus contradicting their common society. One characteristic shown by Jem Finch is his ability to empathize or “….climb into their skin and walk around in it”. The reader first discovers this characteristic about Jem when he stops Scout from “bashing up Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard” and invites him over for dinner. Jem stops Scout from abusing Walter because he knows the ordeals the Cunningham family faces such as entailments and poverty. This displays to the reader Jem’s high moral values as he is able to sympathise with others and his strong sense of justice which grows and develops as he matures.

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Jem is also portrayed to be chivalrous and very proud when he “... goes to retrieve his Trousers from the Radley place” in order to prevent Atticus from “Whipping him”. One sees from this extract Jem’s willingness to do anything to keep his pride (by not allowing his father to hit him) and his sheer bravery in the face of death (Nathan Radley threatening to shoot any trespassers). This can also be interpreted as an act of maturity as he is settling his own despites with out the guidance of an adult.

As the novel progresses, Jem begins ...

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