Changes of regimes on "Animal Farm"

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Changes of regimes on "Animal Farm"

        From the beginning of the story the animals felt untreated by Jones. The revolution was a major change waiting to happen. The animals therefore ruled over the land having an increase in food rations and treated equally. Old Major, from the beginning of his speech quoted that "All animals are equal!" During the story, the pigs take over the land as being the cleverest on the farm. They are the brains of the farm and make all decisions being like a human from the beginning but showing no aims to treat all the other animals unequally. The change during the story was that the pigs became greedy. This led them to treat the other animals unequally making the farm in control as dictatorship.

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The pigs became increasingly greedy. The animals sensed this but "You don’t want Jones to come back?" and the famous words from Boxer "Napoleon is always right" were two statements, which always were referred back to, to keep order in power by the pigs. The commandments that had been written by Snowball himself had been broken! This was a crime, as the animals had no idea what happened, as they could not read. This caused problems as the rules were broken and the animals were ruled by force (the same as Jones).

From the beginning of the story, the revolution was ...

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