Describe an abandoned village

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Describe an abandoned village

Dense fog gathered in the centre of the moor. Over a small hill to south, nestled in a valley, lay an abandoned and desolate village. It was bitterly cold, I stood looking out across the moor as the fog slowly crept its way towards the village; tendrils, like fingers, clawed its way closer, quickly smothering it from view. A grey afternoon chill descended upon the surrounding hills, as slowly the sky began to darken. The village was distant, quiet as I quickly worked my way down the dew sodden grass towards it.  

The sky had darkened further as I approached the village from a far; it had taken only a few minutes even though my ragged breathing suggested otherwise. I stood at the start of a gravel road that cut its way through the heart of the village like a knife. Small cottage like houses intermingled with the odd shop lined each side of the gravel track, as a church rose up far in the distance, they all looked so old as they appeared to be withering before my eyes, each one helpless and crippled by age. The silence was deafening, interminable, restless. The insurmountable stench of rotting rubbish and wood engulfed the air. Nauseated, I rushed down the gravely street.

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The duvet of dark and threatening clouds was disturbed as the first glimpse of moonlight shone through the trees that encircled many of the houses. They were dead with dark trunks and thin branches and glazed each window; stained and shattered, every window representing the life of those who had once lived there.  I approached a cottage with a wrought iron gate barring my passage, each spike wrapped with old vines that gave the place a dejected look. A wall of overwhelming scent hit me, piles of rubbish resembled rotting animal carcasses onto which thousands of flies were drawn to, ...

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