Discuss the Pros and Cons of Festivals and Fairs.

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Festivals are cultural celebrations that take place all around the world. People from different ethenic groups celebrate with traditional food and amusements . Popular festivals such as sport, music and food are common for fun loving people and many festivals are international festivals are a good thing as they bring people together from different places to enjoy common interests. They do have some cons however as, crimes like theft and issues like noise pollution and missing children do maniple themselves.

One of the major concerns regarding festivals and fairs are the disruption to the local area. Disruption such as noise pollution litter, car lights which beam into people housing windows and even graffiti on peoples walls. This causes a great disruption on the neighbours. A local resident named John Taylor said “I can’t even sleep at night because of the flashing lights and noise coming from the fair”. Another neighbour also complained that there was graffiti sprayed on his or hers property.

Additionally, another issue which is a common problem is overcrowding. Festivals nd fairs attract thousands of people who all gather around to watch or play in these events. Overcrowding can lead to serious injuries such as people being crushed over or suffocated.  An ambulance driver named Nick Jones reported that this type of chaos was very common and had an affect on many people such as getting trotted on or suffocated. Also overcrowding can lead to litter, theft and hygiene issue as well as many more dangerous things. People love eating and sharing food but when it comes down to a festival, some don’t realise if the food is hygienic or unhygienic. Consider the toilets people go to there, do their business and leave it untidy . This is very unsafe for children and adults who run the risk of getting disease from it.

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Moreover. A major concern is litter being thrown on the streets. This influences the borough of the council complaining the problem which is taken place. The council then has spend all that money e.g. 10,000 on clearing all the rubbish for the sake at community or borough. You may think “so what” but actually it is a serious issue as this could be your neighbourhood with thousands of pieces of litter piled up in your doorway. Here are a list of cons in festivals and fairs:

Cost - A lot of festivals require an entry fee.  Make sure that the ...

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