Do Celebrity Figures Influence the Way People Behave?

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Do Celebrity Figures Influence the

Way People Behave?

We live in an age where celebrities are idolised. Celebrities cannot go anywhere without getting swarmed by paparazzi. They are constantly being watched and incidentally copied by eager fans.

The question is, “do celebrity figures influence the way people behave?” I think, in short, that the answer most definitely is yes.

For instance, if Jennifer Anniston is seen wearing the new styles, the common people, for want of a better word, will want to wear what the famous celebrity is wearing. It is only natural that people thing that it is cool to wear something that a celebrity has been seen in.
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However, this kind of publicity can not necessary be good. Take, for instance, a celebrity magazine.

Celebrities will only be shown in fashion magazines after being airbrushed and having loads of makeup put on them as well as wearing the high end designer clothes. This then means that the most people cannot afford what they are wearing and it makes people feel like a failure. The creation of ‘size zero models’ is unwise because it just makes people want to be thin/look good even more. What is more, it is showing off just how unhealthily thin they ...

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