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GCSE: Other Poets

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  1. "The Hero" Diary Entry

    In other words he was a coward; he felt angry towards the war and didn't want to fight for his country but I couldn't tell that to the woman. Last night my challenge started. I had to leave the front line to take the letter to Jack's mother in a nearby county. The journey was long but I had to do this myself because it is my job and was partly my fault. After a long painful ride in horse and then in car, finally I arrived at the old lady's house, it was strange but I felt confident.

    • Word count: 820
  2. I will be comparing The hunchback in the park and The clown punk and how the poets of the poems present isolated characters.

    Similarly, in ?The clown punk?, is about a homeless man. However, The man in this poem is trying to wash the windscreen of a car to earn a few pence. He appears to be heavily tattooed which could be the reason why he is isolated to everyone. Similarly, the poet of ?The clown punk? presents an isolated character by describing him as ?heavily tattooed?. This makes the reader think that people don?t see him as a human so he is therefore isolated form the rest of humanity.

    • Word count: 774
  3. How Successfully The Writer Of An Unknown Girl Presents Her Feelings About The Countries She Visited

    The western invasion of the east is a key theme in this poem and is produced by regular contrast of tradition. For example the writer describes the dummies in the shop windows to have ?western perms?. The dummies, which are designed to display desirable and new style, all have ?western perms? showing that this new style is now considered not only normal but fashionable in India, despite it contrasting with more traditional hair styles.

    • Word count: 408

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