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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. How does Russell present superstition as a driving force in Blood Brothers?

    Russell uses language to present superstition as an important driving force. The Narrator's Language is full of supesitious imagery. He constantly threatens the two mothers withimages such as "shoes upon the table" and "walkin' on the pavement cracks". The repeated refrences to superstitions associated with bad luck create the sense that the characters cannot escape the influence of superstitious belief. Furthermore, the Narrator's references to the devil imply that the power of superstition increases as the play progresses.

    • Word count: 419
  2. Pretend you are Linda, how would she feel at the end of Blood Brothers?

    I wouldn?t change a day I spent with Mickey and Eddie. Not even the time Mickey found Sammy?s air rifle and we all ended up getting told off by the police because Eddie didn?t know when to keep his mouth shut. It seemed like a dream come true when we all found each other in the countryside again. All the fun started all over again, of course by then I knew my feeling towards Mickey, I told him every day, before school ?Mickey, I love you? and after school ?Mickey I love you.? He was too shy though, it only used to embarrass him.

    • Word count: 526
  3. How is the Narrator portrayed in Blood Brothers and what is his function?

    This may be done to accentuate his mysterious and ghost like atmosphere, adding to his connection with the underworld. However, it could also be said that his attire is similar to that of someone attending a funeral or business meeting, foreshadowing and constantly reminding the audience of the ultimate tragedy and the contractual ?bargain? that Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons share. At the start of the play he tells us what is to happen to Mickey and Eddie; how they will die ?on the self same day?.

    • Word count: 852

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  • Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in Blood Brothers. Account for the different reactions the audience will have to the two women throughout the play.

    "In conclusion, one the one hand, sometimes Willy Russell portrays Mrs. Johnstone to be the 'real' mother and induces the audience to be attracted to her. Russell than portrays Mrs. Lyons to be the 'false' mother and sways the audience to find her unsympathetic and snobbish. He portrays her as a cold woman who does not show much emotion. We see her as over-protective of Eddie as she fears his bond with the Johnstone family. Yet on the other hand, Willy Russell tends to make the audience to believe that Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnstone are equally sympathetic. He portrays both mothers to be loving and caring mothers who make the best of things. In general, Willy Russell does portray Mrs. Johnstone to be the 'real' mother seeing that she understood the tender relationship between Mickey and Edward. Willy Russell portrayed Mrs. Lyons to be a very selfish woman because of her previous actions like sending Edward to boarding school and showing Mickey that Edward and Linda have been unfaithful. The audience will also feel very understanding and sympathetic towards Mrs. Johnstone throughout the play whereas they may have felt hatred for Mrs. Lyons."

  • Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two brothers in Blood Brothers. Account for the different reactions the audience have to the two characters throughout the play.

    "I really enjoyed reading the play, after having studied it in great detail. Although a sad ending it is a brilliant play throughout and never a dull moment. There are lots of creative moments in the play which always keep you interested. I especially like the way Russell compares and contrasts the two classes between Eddie and Mickey during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Humour is also brought into the play as you can see that Mickey just doesn't have a clue and isn't ever going to get anywhere and you also see that Eddie is so different and has the brains but starts to throw it away due to his love for Lisa and Mickey's bad influence. For me Russell did a great job despite vastly exaggerating the difference of upper and lower class society."

  • Discuss the influences on the lives of Mickey and Eddie in Blood Brothers.

    "In conclusion, I can divide the influences on the lives of Mickey and Eddie in four main sections. The differences between Mickey and Eddie in the family, the social class they are, the education they have and the religion of the family. They are identical twins but they have got a very different life, I think it is because these things that I have mentioned before influenced them."

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