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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. Family seperation - Hot seating and role play - I have chosen to do a script interviewing Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons.

    Evaluation: This exercise helped me greatly to understand about family separation. By doing this exercise I had a much better understanding of Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone character. This situation is very realistic because a lot of child separations are due to the parents this proves that most separations are from the parent's decisions. And in this case this is a single parent not being able to cope with more children. Mrs Lyons character is very superstitious and manipulative, she could see that Mrs Johnstone was weak and so she took advantage.

    • Word count: 2403
  2. Drama portfolio work - Blood brothers, review of personal performance.

    And my other kids where In front of the television. I told my husband that I was pregnant, and he asked if he was the father. When he told me he lost his job I got fed up and left I didn't want to try and sort out my marriage I just walked out. From the play blood brothers my group was asked to do the first couple of scenes I played Mrs Johnston. I enjoyed this role as I had to do the scouse accent, and as I am originally from Liverpool it came naturally.

    • Word count: 1932
  3. With reference to two key scenes explore the relationship between Mickey and Eddie in "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell

    Johnson, so this issue was also a theme that had a useful part in the play. The play is also built upon the theme of the superstition that if twins are separated at birth then they will die on the day that they discover that they are twins. This theme is reinforced throughout the play by the words of the narrator to keep the audience thinking about what will happen. The first time we see the theme of superstition is when the narrator first begins to speak and he says, ""So did you hear the story of the Johnston twins?

    • Word count: 1423
  4. On October 16th I went with my drama class to see a production of Blood Brothers (written by Willy Russell). It was performed in the Phoenix theatre in London, and we saw a matinee performance.

    She also tells her that if one of the boys ever finds out he has a twin they will both die. Mrs Johnstone leaves, thinking she will never see her child again. Seven years later, Mrs Lyon's son (Eddie) meets Mrs Johnstone's son Mickey. They don't know they're brothers, but get on very well anyway and become friends, and 'Blood Brothers' (they both cut their hands and shake them together), even thought they're so different; Mickey is rough, loud and noisy, while Eddie is polite and well behaved.

    • Word count: 2108
  5. Blood brothers - To What Extent Are Edward And Mickey Products Of Different Backgrounds

    Mickey was the youngest of all the children and received hand me down's from older brothers like Sammy. As Mickey grew up he soon caught on from his older brothers what his life was going to be like. Mickey probably learned more abusive language before he mastered the alphabet and was soon to be known down the local 'nick'. However Edward was the complete opposite his family lived in a mansion compared to Mickey's small terraced house. Edward had everything he could ever want a father bringing home cash by the thousands and a caring mother at home all day to care and look after him.

    • Word count: 1553
  6. A review on Blood Brothers.

    As time passes on, Mrs Lyons becomes over possessive of the baby and sacks Mrs Johnston, to keep the biological mother from getting emotionally attached to him. Years pass and the two mothers try very hard to keep the twins from discovering the truth, inevitably they meet and develop a strong friendship, they soon become 'blood brothers'. Mrs Lyons finds out and is sent into hysteria. This leads her to take her son Eddie to live in the countryside to get away from the truth.

    • Word count: 762
  7. Willy Russell's Blood Brothers - The Grand Theatre Leeds.

    The general lighting used when the children were playing was quite false light and looked a lot darker than the lighting which was used when the families moved to the countryside. This helped create the image of the city being cramped and miserable and the contrast to the countryside, which was sunny and free. The lights were a lot darker too when the children were playing outside, however, the lights were extremely bright when the audience was watching inside Mrs Lyons house.

    • Word count: 3923
  8. Time Flight.

    She opened it and took out an old notebook which was dated 1903. She opened the cover and placed it on the table in front of me. "This book belonged to Joe Turner who was an assistant engineer working along side the Wright brothers. My husband found it when he was doing some research into the early flights. Joe kept a careful diary of the events leading up to the 1903 flight. Take a look at that if you are interested in the Wright brothers."

    • Word count: 971
  9. The Evaluative phase - Blood brothers.

    The set was set out as a poor council estate on one side and the rich upper class house on the other side, it fit in well to the direction and acting as on the council estate the speech was improper and all in slang also the area look like a poor council estate, the play writer shows how poor they are as Mrs Jonestone cant afford to pay the milkman, also she has debt collectors knocking on the door taking children's toys away.

    • Word count: 969
  10. Blood Brothers: the issues of a class system and the theory of nature versus nurture

    The main characters, Eddie and Mickey are people that we can relate to, as we feel sorry for them, when they face the trials and tribulations of life. Russell uses this to involve the audience so they feel pity when Mickey loses his job, fear at the end of the play when the shooting scene takes place, and experience childhood joy when Eddie and Mickey share jokes. Humour, in its various forms, plays a large part in the play. By the end of the play, our opinions of the twin, the mother, and Mrs Lyons have been completely split, to such an extent that the audiences' reaction is very diverse.

    • Word count: 1016
  11. Compare the Johnston family with the Lyons family and explain how Willy Russell shows the audience how social class can affect people's live.

    They have a small marriage ceremony at a registry and later have a do. At the age of twenty-five she has seven children and she looks like as if she is 45, her husband walks out on her left to cope on her own. Mrs. Johnston is having a lot of problems due to the lack of money, as she says to the milkman in act 1, scene 2: "Look, honest, I will pay you next week. I Know I've said ... " "But next week never comes as far as you're concerned, love.

    • Word count: 1794
  12. Dear Diary.

    Later on I met his mother who told me to never go near his house again or the "bogey man" would get me. I looked up the word in the dictionary but couldn't find it; I asked my Mummy what it meant? She said it was supposed to be something bad but that there was no such thing anyway I still can't spell it. Later Mickey came to my house to see if I could go out and play, but my Mum said to Mickey that it was my bedtime - it was not!

    • Word count: 798
  13. Theatrical Review - Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'.

    and brings the other, Mickey, up on a council estate in Liverpool for seven years, until one day Mickey befriends Edward and they swear to be 'blood brothers'. Despite Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons' attempts to end the friendship, they continued to see each other going on until Edward is moved away by the paranoid Mrs Lyons. Mickey was hurt by this, but carried on life as best he could until he too was moved to the country by the council.

    • Word count: 1721
  14. At the start of the play, the narrator asks the audience to Judge Mrs Johnston's crime for themselves. By the end of the play, does the audience believe that Mrs Johnston has a stone in place of a heart or has Willy Russell persuaded us otherwise?

    Russell uses his humour to make serious points sound more interesting. Also, he tends to compare people from contrasting backgrounds to get different views on a situation. This is shown when Mrs Johnston moves out to the country, she thinks that her new house is perfect whereas Mrs Lyons, who lives in a big house over looking the council estate, thinks that the council homes are unpleasant and cheap. This shows that people from different backgrounds have very different views on life at this period.

    • Word count: 2358
  15. Blood Brothers.

    His father used to own a fish & chips shop and his mother used to work in a warehouse. At school in English silent reading he realized to become a writer, He left school in 1962 with an English O level (G.C.S.E) this was his only qualification, because of his only one qualification he worked as a hairdresser for six years, He then started to take English literature classes. Having passed this he then decided to go to college for a year to train to become a teacher. He wrote his play in the school where he used to work as a teacher.

    • Word count: 1308
  16. GCSE Drama Review of 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell.

    Once the house lights went down and the rumbled of voices quietened, and the actors entered. The performance began at the end of the story. Through the gauze you could see the deceased Eddy and Mickey being carried off stage on stretchers. Then the gauze was lifted to reveal the set, which looked like this (following page): The set contained two streets opposite one another; one side was the street where the Johnstone family lived so it looked rougher and poorer, and the opposite side was the street where the Lyon family lived so it looked elegant and grander.

    • Word count: 2696
  17. Critical Evaluation - Blood Brothers.

    The set was very appropriate for the play, it combined well with the 'slice of life'. The props were minimalist and brought on stage by the actors. There were four moveable flats, two that slid across the floor and two that came down from the ceiling. All the costumes and fixings were appropriate for the era of the play, they worked well together producing a realistic setting. The play opens with the twin brothers, lying down on stretchers and then being carried away.

    • Word count: 1426
  18. Every Cloud has a silver lining.

    Scott has been at Gillingham for 9 years now and has become one of their best players. Scott enjoys playing for Gillingham FC but little does he know that his career is about to take a huge turn. Scott sat anxiously outside the manager's office. He adjusted his tie, which he wasn't used to wearing, and sat there thinking to himself what this meeting could be about. He was confused as to whether he had done something wrong or whether perhaps the club wanted to extend his contract.

    • Word count: 1538
  19. Evaluation Of The Play Blood Brothers.

    This made the audience wonder what relevance these characters had to the play and the reasons for their deaths. Telescoping time showed the age difference from 9 to 14. This was done to allow the audience to see the ways in which the characters matured in a stylised manner. The acting was very believable as the characters were down to earth and in that sense resembled normal people. The characters when they were young were very comically portrayed and performed childish yet amusing antics.

    • Word count: 1431
  20. A Native Polar. (Based on the story brother bear)

    The brother shouted at his brothers and told them to get out of the water. As the two brothers approached the eldest they could see he was very angry and so they started to panic. Soon enough the brothers had learnt that a bear had eaten their fish that was on the ground, they could tell by the paw print on the mud. Both of the brothers blamed Toku, as he was the one who didn't tie the basket right.

    • Word count: 1609
  21. The two short stories 'The Half Brothers' and 'News of the Engagement' both deal with the theme of mothers and sons compare the ways the authors write about this idea.

    There is also a sense of intimacy and shared experience between them. The relationship between the mother and son in 'News of the Engagement' is also very open and nothing is kept from each other. The son discusses, "She knew all my friends by name." This shows that they never kept anything from each other. However it also shows that the mother was protective, as she knew of everybody that her son mixed with, inferring that as a mother she felt it was important that she protected her son.

    • Word count: 1105
  22. The play follows two twins that were separated at birth. It follows them growing up as they become closer together as "blood brothers". Gradually they grow apart and envy leads to death.

    She cannot have any children but desires one greatly. Her husband is working away at the present time and has been away for nine months. She wears very casual clothes and has a posh English accent. Mrs Lyons is very sensitive to where Edward goes and is always questioning where he is going and whom he is hanging around with, as she doesn't want to go near Mickey. Gradually she becomes superstitious herself and very paranoid. On the other hand Mrs Johnstone has a very contrasting personality. She is a working class cleaner who can't stop having children (she already has seven)

    • Word count: 1693
  23. Explain how we explored and were influenced by the drama stimulus, a play called "Blood Brothers", to create various drama pieces.

    That's what Mrs. Johnstone did with one of her twins, Eddie. She gave him up because she could not afford to keep him. Well-being is also and important factor of class. Well-being does affect ones class, for simple reasons, if you are brought up well with a wealthy parents, and full education then you automatically became higher class. Being higher class can interoperated one in many different ways, in the sense that if someone is higher class then stereotypically they are full of pride, are said to be proud, big headed and arrogant.

    • Word count: 1202
  24. Blood Brothers - Critique.

    This caused them not to understand each other whilst putting their points across about the future of their lives. This was implied, when Mickey tells Eddie that he is going to finish school and get a job in the "Chippy", whilst Eddie was going to finish school and go to university. They both had there own view. Their class was given to them though fate, and because of fate they were either working class or higher class. A minor difference could result in to a whole different life; the audience realised and were shocked by this when Mickey says, " I could have been him".

    • Word count: 1446
  25. Analyse in detail scene 6 from the play "Kicking Out".

    The team are not sure if they can have Eddie as the coach of the team. Scene six is set on the terrace, as in scene one. In this scene there are three characters Tanya, Kelvin on one side and Eddie on the other. They are watching a football match. Kelvin and Tanya are going out. Tanya is fifteen and white, she has an attitude problem with Eddie. Kelvin is fifteen too and is black; he has not mentioned any thing to his parents about his relationship with Tanya.

    • Word count: 578

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