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GCSE: Other Authors

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  1. Asboville tells the story of JB, a sixteen year old verging on delinquency.

    In chapter two JB is on the train, heading to Haycliffe. He?s missing his friends. There?s a moment where JB stares out of the window at the backs of houses and eventually sees a reflection of himself. He doesn?t like what he sees. ?JB punched the window. A blast of pain shot up his arm.? Furthermore he feels that they are making an example of him. ?Stuck the ASBO on him. Made an example of him.? JB takes a taxi to Lowes Field where his Uncle lives.

    • Word count: 1539
  2. In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time Mark Haddon, the author, uses relationships to create an interesting crime investigation.

    He finds a dog with a large garden fork inside its stomach. He knows the dog, his name is Wellington, and this is when he decides to find out who murdered the dog. ?I stroked Wellington and wondered who had killed him, and why.? Wellington is Mrs Shear?s dog and she is infuriated when at the beginning of the book sees Christopher in her garden with Wellington.

    • Word count: 562
  3. Throughout Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston uses a number of different items of clothing as symbols to convey the significance of certain events that take place

    The apron shows that Janie is a housewife, merely taking orders and doing what she is told to do. During the course of their marriage, Janie came to realize that she ?knew now that marriage did not make love? (25). Janie does not love Logan. She married him for Nanny, her grandmother, and never was able to develop the love for him, as she desired. At this point, Janie begins seeing Jody Starks, and eventually leaves Logan. Upon leaving, she ?feels the apron tied around her waist. She untied it and flung it on a low bush beside one road and walked on? (32)

    • Word count: 909
  4. In his novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque shared his experience from the war. Some of his experiences included fighting on the battle front, seeing his friends die, and being in the trenches

    To begin, Remarque illustrates instances of irony, throughout the novel, to describe the meaninglessness of the war. First, Paul, the main character, does not have the sense of belonging that he feels when he is at war and does not want to be home even though his mother is dying. By not having the sense of belonging, he does not want to be on leave any longer. He says ?I ought never to have come on leave?? (185). When Paul says this, it seems as if he wants to be back on the front with his comrades even if he has a chance to die there.

    • Word count: 1244
  5. "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, deals with a wife and husband and their new room

    Which leads one to believe that she is a patient of Dr. John in what is possibly a mental institution. Inside of this room the wall-paper is described as ?irritating? with a ?provoking formless sort of figure?.

    • Word count: 413
  6. "In the Darkness out there" Lively also uses language to make Packers End seem bedraggled, filthy, overgrown and unpleasant by using words to depict a squalid image

    The story begins with Sandra on her way to Mrs. Rutter's cottage. She walks through lovely beautiful meadows, everything is lush and glorious until Sandra approaches Packers End now suddenly the mood changes. The atmosphere becomes spooky and eerie. As she begins to describe Packers end with elements of the supernatural e.g. ''You can still hear voices'' and the word ''darkness'' is used to add a streak of evil. Lively also uses language to make Packers End seem bedraggled, filthy, overgrown and unpleasant by using words to depict a squalid image e.g.

    • Word count: 939
  7. How does Robert Swindells create sympathy for Link, and homeless people, in his novel, Stone Cold?

    This creates sympathy as he uses strong words like ?bitterly? which makes emphasises the fact how cold he is. As words like ?dark? has been used it gives the reader an insight of link?s feelings of how frightened he is, as he ?peels? of his sleeping bag, constantly in pain- in the depths of despair. Secondly, the author creates sympathy by showing the reasons for becoming homeless, how easy it seems to become homeless and that it?s not always their fault for ending up on the streets. This is shown right at the beginning of the book when Link states; ?But that?s not why I ended up like this.

    • Word count: 1423
  8. Analysis of A Hero by R.K Narayan

    R.K Narayan entertains the reader by utilising the elements of figurative language. The imagery is seen in the form of sensual and visual imagery ?The tiger was at his back, and he could hear it?s claws scratch the ground ....scratch, scratch and then a light thud? this quotation portrays the use of sensual imagery and visual imagery. Here swami?s imagination gets the best of him and his mind creates a image of the tiger seen on the newspaper. The reader distinguishes the sensual imagery by the effective of the visual imagery of the tiger?s claws created by the Onomatopoeia of the claws.

    • Word count: 1145
  9. In this story, The Pose, the author is trying to convey the message that life as we know it can change if it is taken in a different point of view altogether

    At first I did not understand the author?s purpose of writing this story, but as I continued to grasp the essence of the story, I finally understood. In this story, ?The Pose?, the author is trying to convey the message that life as we know it can change if it is taken in a different point of view altogether . ?She was happy. Incredibly happy. No one had looked at her so appreciatively before.

    • Word count: 524
  10. The Character of Alden Pyle in "The Quiet American"

    Pyle starts out as a young, innocent, and easy-to-love character, but as the story reveals, his naivety becomes dangerous as he started to mess around with forces he did not quite understand. Pyle was a very naive young man with both his involvement in the war and his relationship with the young mistress Phuong. He thought he can save Phuong by marrying her and getting her out of Vietnam.

    • Word count: 560
  11. In this present world there are many consequences for being greedy. For this reason, the story Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving is relevant to todays world.

    Both Tom Walker and Bernie Madoff were greedy. A lot of people trusted them and hoped that they could become rich, but they killed the trust of people. Tom Walker the main character of the story used financial investment to collect money from the people. Tom met a devil in the swamp and he got a lot of money from the devil. The money that the devil gave him was from the treasure that captain Kidd put in the swamp. Tom became a usurer after getting the money. He gave people a lot of money to the people like loan so that they can start their own businesses.

    • Word count: 761
  12. I did not completely connect with any of the characters in The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time.

    3. I believe that what the author is really trying to say about life and living in this book is that people with disabilities, such as autism, are quite often misunderstood. Society tends to decide that if they don?t understand something, then it?s not right. When an autistic child starts screaming when you touch them or they like to be alone, the common person wouldn?t think ?Well he must have a reason for it? or ?He?s just taking in more details of the world than I am.? Their mind automatically blames it on the fact that they must be crazy or deranged, but in reality, they actually could be considered much more clever than most.

    • Word count: 670
  13. The Major Characters in "Catch 22".

    Throughout the entire book, the only character that resembles someone with good opinions of himself is Yossarian. He appears to be the only character that realizes the insignificance the war effort is because almost all the people in the novel are fighting for the wrong reason. He says, "Am I supposed to get my ass shot off just because the colonel wants to be a general?". Other characters, like ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen respond to questions with answer that seem to make no sense.

    • Word count: 760
  14. The Badness Within Him - Short Story Analysis

    This can be acknowledged when Jess builds sandcastle for Fay?s (Cols eldest sister) baby this time and not for Col. He jealously destroys the castle making her sister (Jess) angry. Jess had already passed through adolescence and now has learnt to fit into the world of grown-ups. iii. Col always reflects on himself as ?being badness?. The last paragraph signifies this, ?finally he knew the power of the `Badness within him`?. He feels violent (page 56, paragraph 7, ?He wanted to do some violence in this house ? he hated his family?)

    • Word count: 1955
  15. Symbolism in Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl

    The only thing keeping these three starving women alive is the magical shawl and eventually leads to their demise. The way Ozick uses symbolism is very important to the story. The author uses symbolism to help the reader envision the setting. In the beginning of the story, Ozick refers to the Magda as, "someone who is already a floating angel" (223). Ozick refers to Magda as an angel throughout the story, "smooth feathers of hair nearly as yellow as the Star sewn into Rosa's coat" (223).

    • Word count: 344
  16. "Holes" Half Book Analysis

    In three short chapters, the narrator presents information about many different places and times in history. The narration jumps from a description of Camp Green Lake to Stanley's trial, to Stanley's home life and family history. Full information is not available about any of these topics. 4-6 Camp Green Lake is described to resemble a prison or work camp. The orange clothing that the boys are forced to wear sound almost identical to the kinds of uniforms worn by the inmates in many prisons. The digging of holes every day not only sounds tiring, but also alludes to digging graves.

    • Word count: 950
  17. The book The Call of the Wild is mainly about a dog named Buck that experiences many changes while trying his best to survive in the Yukon.

    Buck had to have all those things to survive. If he doesn't, he would get killed or die. Surviving in the wild after having almost everything handed to you is definitely not easy. An important thing to have, even when not in the wild trying to survive, is independence. Without Independence, people would be hanging on each other asking others for everything. People would not be able to live by themselves. For example, London writes, "Buck's first day at Dyea Beach was like a nightmare".

    • Word count: 717
  18. How is the character of Larry Lasalle used in Robert Cormier's Heroes?

    Cormier does this by constantly describing him as a hero and the perfect mentor. ??to larry lasalle the best of the best?, ?movie star smile?, both of these quotes portray a heroic image of him which intrigues the audience. However this intensifies the impact of the tragedy when it happens. This ambiguity about LaSalle?s character is sustained through the book, reflecting the theme of suppression and revelation. Despite LaSalle?s ?dazzling movie-star? good looks when he arrives in the town, there is a sense of uneasy mystery about him, as to why he turned his back on show business.

    • Word count: 957
  19. In the novel Cats Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut, Bokonon is a religion created to protect people from their own lives.

    This begins to let you into the world of Bokonon. ?I would have been a Bokononist then, if there had been anyone to teach me the bittersweet lies of Bokonon.? Said Jonah, the main character. Which means that Bokonon, is a religion to be questioned. Is Bokonon just lies to make it?s believers, or followers have some sense of hope? In this case it might just be. The first sentence in the book of Bokonon is ?All of the truth things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.? This would only make sense to the average person trying to genuinely find something to believe in.

    • Word count: 629
  20. The Dress is a short story, written by Julia Darling in 2006

    At first Flora does not want to admit it but later she does, and they all get very upset. At home we then find out, that Nora wrecked her dress, and buried it in the garden. Rachel packs her suitcase, and calls her father. She is off to live with her father, because she can no longer live with them. As the plot develops, we hear the mother quarrelling with Flora, and telling her to dig up the dress, and give it back. The mother feels that Flora ruined everything, and she yells and tells her to leave. She runs off, and leaves her mother looking out in the black night.

    • Word count: 1131
  21. Commentary on The Guest

    He can see, on a clear day, the peaks of the mountains off in the distance. On this particular day, there was a residual amount of snow covering the ground as far as he could see. The temperature must have been warming because the narrator described the melting snow as a dirty white color. As Daru anticipated the arrival of two men, who could be seen at a distance walking his direction, I was guided by the narrator into what the terrain is like during the normal dry seasons of the desert they are in. It was described as a ?Plateau burned to a cinder month after month, the earth shriveled up little by little, literally

    • Word count: 1322
  22. Analyse the ways In which Christophers Father relates to Christopher in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". How far do you think Ed Boone is a good father?

    If Father were to hug him, Christopher would probably hit him. Later it goes on to say ? we do this because sometimes Father wants to give me a hug, and it means that he loves me? This shows the care and affection Father has for Christopher and that he tries to convey his feeling to him in a different way. It is clever how the writer has used actions instead of words to describe Father?s and Christopher?s relationship. Instead of just saying the words I love you, he uses the ?five finger touch? which emphasises their relationship.

    • Word count: 1578
  23. The aftermath of war and its impact are shown through Graham Greens story The Destructors.

    Green alludes to the reader that this story is either during wartime or just after when he says, ?A smaller bomb and some incendiaries had fallen beyond, so that the house stuck up like a jagged tooth?? (113). Mr. Thomas or ?Old Misery,? as the boys call him is a generous elderly man who gives the boys chocolate, but his generosity is hidden behind his irritable demeanor. Mr. Thomas?s house is the only home among a few others that still stand after the war.

    • Word count: 1793
  24. In the story Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the river symbolizes freedom.

    He didn't like sleeping in a bed and reading books, Huck says, I didn't see how I'd ever got to like it so well at the widow's, where you had to wash, and eat on a plate, and comb up, and go to bed and get up regular, and forever bothering over a book and have old Miss Watson pecking at you all the time (1368).

    • Word count: 441
  25. Character Sketch: Trevor in "The Destructors"

    The story also mentions that Christopher wren was an architect that built St. Paul?s cathedral in London. St. Paul also miraculously survived the German attack. With this crucial information we can establish that author green is using the house and the kids to represent war. The kids in the gang have grown up in dreariness with the exception of Trevor who appears to be more rational than the rest of the gang.

    • Word count: 466

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