First Love by John Clare, How Do I Love Thee? by Elizabeth Barret Browning, A Birthday and Remember both by Christina Rossetti, When We Two Parted by Lord Byron and Villegiature by Edith Nesbit.

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Pre-1914 Century Poetry Coursework 

In this piece of coursework I will be comparing love songs from six different poems by different authors. I will do ‘First Love’ by John Clare, ‘How Do I Love Thee?’ by Elizabeth Barret Browning, ‘A Birthday’ and ‘Remember’ both by Christina Rossetti, ‘When We Two Parted’ by Lord Byron and ‘Villegiature’ by Edith Nesbit. All these poems that I am going to be comparing are all written before the 20th century, in the early 1700’s and 1800’s era.


                          Love is a strange but a wonderful and powerful emotion. There are many different types of love, such as the love between parent and child, close friends, and the love between husband and wife. Throughout history, love has been expressed in many different ways. The primary way that it has been recorded is through the expression of poetry. For centuries, many people have used poetry, as you will find in the book of Psalms from the Bible. David speaks of his love for God in songs and poetry. Love poetry will never cease as love is a constant feeling people have every day of their life, and no matter how long the world is around, love poetry will still be in existence. Love is continual, and will never die, because if it did, the world would not survive and chaos would strike the world as we know it.

No matter how long poetry has been around for, you can tell that poets still have the same feelings you feel in today’s present day, and it helps you develop a better understanding of the pain love can cause, and the effect it has on everyday people. Love can be a wonderful warm feeling when shared. However, it can be a devastating blow to your thoughts and way of life when unrequited, or even when circumstances make it impossible to enter into (such as with Romeo and Juliet). Love is an emotion which all of us experience at some time during our life but sadly, very few ever come to know the wonderful sensation of that perfect love which is returned.

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                         All six of these poems are trying to send out a message of how they have experienced love but in a different sort of way, for example ‘First Love’ is about a person loving someone for the first time but in this poem it can also be to do with his back ground he might be a worker on a farm and his first love is the owners daughter he is restricted due to something holding him back. How ever in the poem ‘Remember’ it is a sad song about a loss of a lover and that one ...

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