'Half-caste' and 'Unrelated Incident' are both written in varieties of non-standard English - What does this contribute to each poem?

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‘Half-caste’ and ‘Unrelated Incident’ are both written in varieties of non-standard English. What does this contribute to each poem?

In both ‘Half-caste’ and ‘Unrelated Incident’, we see that the poets feel discriminated against because of a slight difference in their colour or accent.

In ‘Half-caste’ John Agard is purposely trying to emphasize that people think that because he is half-caste he must be inferior to them and only half of a person. He does this by repeating the word ‘half’ many times throughout the poem. He also goes onto mock the thought of him being ‘half’ of anything: ‘half of mih ear…mih eye…a hand’. He then contrasts this by repeating ‘de whole of’ three times.

In ‘Unrelated Incidents’, Tom Leonard is trying to show that people discriminate against him because of his different accent. He is also trying to say that because of his regional accent he is not acceptable as a new presenter because people will think he is not telling the ‘trooth’ and is therefore inadequate for the job.

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The two poems are very similar because although they are written by people from completely different places, they feel discriminated against because of their accents. In both poems phonetic spellings are used to emphasize the point the poet is trying to make. By using the kind of dialect they speak instead of the proper written language they are trying to show why people think of them differently. In a way they are ridiculing these people because they obviously know how to write properly and are merely using the phonetic spelling to help prove and accentuate the point they are ...

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*** 3 stars This is a good essay in many ways. It is logically structured and compares the two poems well. In places quotes are used to further support the statements. This is a very well written essay and the points are discussed with clarity. At times the same words are repeated too often and the essay itself loses marks because points are also repeated.