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Homeless diary

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June Mom and dad always seem to be fighting. They never stop and it's normally over something small and insignificant like what to watch on the television. It's really starting to make me depressed and getting me down. It's even starting to affect my schoolwork. Not once have they asked me how I feel about something, it's always well I don't want to do that or I do want do that never is it well Paul what do you want to do? My so-called mates aren't any use. They've just stopped coming to my house making the excuse that they don't feel comfortable about being there when my parents fight. Which you can't really blame them for, as I too would be uncomfortable in the same situation. Ashley is taking it harder than me, she just can't handle the arguing, but which kid her age could. She's only 9, how could they leave her locked in her room while they argued. I sometimes think that we would be better off if we left. I don't know where we would go but it's got to be better than where we are now. Maybe we could go and live with Aunt Jane, ok so she isn't all that better than our parents are now. ...read more.


I don't know when exactly yet but Ash and me will work it out and we'll find somewhere to go. July I phoned Aunt Jane today and it wasn't good news. She said that if we came to her then she would tell my mom and dad where we were immediately. So we cant go there anymore, and fresh out of ideas. I don't know how much longer Ashley can go on for it's one thing when there hitting me but it's a totally different story when they decide to knock seven bells out of her. Dad took his belt to me today, I don't even know what I did but I guess that's what happens when alcohol takes over a mans life, if you can call him a man, I mean what type of man starts to hit a boy 20 years younger than him. I did something I didn't think I could do today, I stood up to him. There he was just about to take a swing at Ashley, because she said that she didn't want a sip of his beer, when I grabbed his arm and no, your not going to touch her again not while I have the love for her as her parents should. ...read more.


He fell to the floor. It was then that I said you can no longer hurt us, and walked straight out the door. Ashley was standing there waiting for me she ran to me and hugged me. Finally we were free from them. But now one of our hardest battles is in front of us and that was where are we to go now. August I know haven't written in here very long time, but I used to write in here to get out all my emotions that were getting me down, but lately I haven't had any unhappy feelings. You see that night we went to homeless hostel, and luckily for us, there a women who was volunteering there that night who happened to work for a adoption agency and when we told her what had happened to us she said that if the courts agreed then we would be able to be adopted. About 2 weeks later the courts agreed that we should be given to adoption and luckily a couple came in and took me and Ashley with them and we haven't looked back ever since. Dave and Julie are the nicest people I have ever met in life. So the end it all worked out for Ash and me. Some people say that you can never be truly happy till you've suffered and with that in mind. I feel like I'm in heaven. By Jastinder Samra ...read more.

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