How does Richard change over the course of the play Richard III?

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How does Richard change over the course of the play Richard III?

As soon as the play begins, Richard begins his role as an actor, a fully evil actor who though his mastery of the stage has come to appreciate his own skill. Richard has a strenuous need to perform, and desperately wants to play a role. Therefore I don’t think we really see the ‘real’ Richard very often.

“ As I cannot prove myself as a lover… I am determined to prove a villain”

This shows how Richard is shunned by love and friendship; he is seen as an outsider and wants to become an important figure. In the opening soliloquy, Richard talks of his physical deformity, which may have been nothing, more than a creation of Shakespeare to further the point of Richards disharmony from nature, making the deformity seem an outward sign of his wickedness. It soon shows that Richard uses his deformity as an excuse for is actions and as a tool to win other peoples sympathy.

Richard is appealing because he is such an expert in changing his personality towards different people and being a manipulator.

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During his rise to power in acts I – III he is always in charge of himself and very aware of how to play each scene to his advantage, he informs the audience of what he intends to do then does it. Throughout the play Richard is seen as an outsider and apart from social figures. He is clearly a murderer and a villain yet he is such a charismatic and fascinating figure that, for much of the play, we are likely to sympathize with him, or at least to be impressed with him. In this way, our relationship with ...

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