The river of thoughts collides and crashes against the rocks of feelings in her mind

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The river of thoughts collides and crashes against the rocks of feelings in her mind. Almost as rapid as her thoughts is the blood, which is now travelling faster due to higher blood pressure. The supply of energy to her cells has doubled, therefore adrenaline supplies also double. These series of actions all lead up to a life or death situation. This prepares the sniper to kill, or to save. The question is, can the person in question deal with this? Can she handle the adrenaline? The sniper must be a person who must be so calm and sophisticated that she knows; what she is doing, when she is doing it, how she is doing it, what the target is doing, how the target is doing it, what the target is thinking of doing and what the target will do. The sniper is not a person who can pull a trigger on a sniper rifle when need be, but she must be able to know how and when to use it. But past this finesse is the fact that the sniper is a tool for inflicting pain and damage upon citizens, possibly death. Some may say a “killing machine”. Therefore the million-dollar question is, can the person in question prepared to carry out this brutal act of murder? In my opinion, Officer Joan Gardner is fit for that job. The highest scorer in all but one subject in the art of sniping, she is an ideal candidate for all police or military constituencies. Her one possible weakness is fear, which she came sixth in the exam for. However, this did not worry me, a sixth is not very low in that field anyway. Therefore, in my professional opinion, she is highly recommended to all organisations. She definitely qualifies for all sniper related activities.

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She could almost hear his voice reading the letter of recommendation. She glanced up and saw the light reflecting of the lockers. The light was bright, almost blinding but for some reason she was transfixed on the light. Soon it darkened and the bleakness of the military green lockers rose up again. She folded the white and black letter in three and placed it in her open locker.

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The locker was neatly laid out with two books stacked on the right. One was “The psychology of crime” which had its black leather and gold trimmed bookmark three quarters of the way through the book. The other was “The History of the Sniper rifle” where her navy blue cardboard bookmark was placed just over a fifth of the way through the book. On her left was a set of papers, mostly letters from home, which she placed the letter in her hand on top of. A photograph of her and her family was firmly stuck with blue tack of ...

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