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In Of Mice and Men write about two characters who are weak, and how they are presented.

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In 'Of Mice and Men' write about two characters who are weak, and how they are presented. I think there are many characters that stand out as being weak in many different ways in the book with either physical or mental weaknesses, and occasionally both. Candy clearly is easily dictated as Carlson proved, but I think the presentation of Curley's wife and Crooks is more intriguing. Steinbeck also presents Curley's wife as a doll 'her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages' which has the effect of objectifying her. We also find out that Curley's wife is used in the book. She was picked up by somebody who said they were going to make her a movie star, and then they didn't send her a letter, showing how she was a 'pushover' and na�ve, and then Curley found her, and made her his wife, and that is the only identity Steinbeck gives her in the book(as the wife of Curley) which I think emphasises he does to show her as an inferior by not giving her a personal identity so that we cannot relate to her- she is objectified. ...read more.


Steinbeck might have done this to turn us against Curley's wife so we could see the trouble she could cause by her female status, and it has the effect on the reader of making us lose any sympathy for Curley's wife. Although there is always a sense that Curley's wife is slightly evil, Candy calls her a tart at the beginning of the book: 'Curley's married a tart 'and Steinbeck brings her onto the scene when Crooks is opening up, and makes things turn sour and then finally when she dies Steinbeck seems to show that she is at peace: 'the meanness and the planning's and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face, and finally time stops/slows down as though there is peace' Throughout the rest of the book however and after this Steinbeck makes everything very dramatic, with all the animals reacting 'The horses stamped and snorted ...and they clashed their halter chains' and every thing happening in such a short space of time; Steinbeck might have done this to have the effect on the reader of thinking that this was the right thing ...read more.


to torment Lennie, and put down Candy's aspirations, and this makes the reader slightly wary of him, and not very trusting; he is also shown as being slightly evil Crooks, 'face lighted with pleasure in the torture' A weakness Crooks shares with Curley's wife is that he is isolated/has no support 'there ain't a coloured man on this ranch' and apart from Lennie who is controlled by George, Crooks is seen by Everyone to be lower than them on account of his colour, and for this reason he withdraws into his room as a place of security, and then his bunk when his room is invaded. Crooks also finds it hard to communicate with people, partly because he is shy and humiliated which makes him feel lonely, and maybe justifies his insecurities and depression. The presentation of Crooks fits in with r****t the pre-second world war depression Steinbeck is describing, where dreams are futile as poverty is extreme, and a common dream is shared. The American Dream' of a piece of land and independence but rarely achieved, and is probably why he is presented like this. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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