In the essay I am going to look at 'Love´s Philosophy' by shelley, 'First love' by John clare, 'You smiled by walter savage', Music when soft voice die and song by John domne.

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In the essay I am going to look at ‘Love´s Philosophy’ by shelley, ‘First love’ by John clare,  ‘You smiled by walter savage’, Music when soft voice die and song by John domne. I will comment on whether some of the images of love are relevant to teenagers today.

The poetry uses words that we can understand today. The picture image are ones that we still recognise. For example ‘Love´s philosophy’ uses fountains, rivers, oceans, mountains, sunlight and moonbeams. The fountain describes love in a small way. The fountain splashes water forming a small pond which then becomes a river, this shows that love can grow. Love can become bigger when the river flows into a great ocean. This shows love lasts very long and gravs bigger and bigger. Love involves everything, you can not love on your own and what ‘Love´s philosophy’ shows is that everything is connected.

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The next picture uses personification, we know how it feels to touch something and be touched. In the poem the poet suggests waves clasp one another and sunlight clasps the earth, this shows that they are holding something that they really like, the poem suggests the sea and the earth are like human beings and they have a tender relationship with one another, ending with a kiss.

Another image that we can see in our minds eye is sicknes. John clare uses these familiar adjectives describing sicknes. He uses such word to show how it feels to be in love ...

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