In what ways does Priestley present the effect of the inspector's visit on Birling and Sheila?

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Thomas Gilbert

An Inspector Calls

In what ways does Priestley present the effect of the inspector’s visit on Birling and Sheila?

‘An inspector calls’ was set in 1912 in the North Midlands in Brumley in the middle class suburbs by a socialist writer name J.B. Priestley he wrote the play in 1934 and was first performed in 1945. At the time he wrote ‘An Inspector Calls’ England was unstable with the rich keeping there money and not helping those who couldn’t afford to live as there was no welfare state this meant poverty for poor people for those who couldn’t afford to live a normal lifestyle this also meant that factory owners could pay there employees a small wage. As a socialist J.B. Priestley believed that this was wrong and that everyone should be equal have the chance of living a normal life with a wage that meant that they could do that. Priestley used ‘An Inspector Calls’ to put his points and views on this across.

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The Birlings and Sheila’s fiancé Gerald were having a party celebration for Sheila and Gerald as they were going to get married and the door bell rings, the maid Edna answers the door and announces that an inspector called ‘Inspector Goole’ has arrived Birling tells Sheila and Mrs Birling to leave and brings the inspector into the room. The inspector tells them that a girl called Eva Smith had committed suicide. He then wants to ask them questions even though Birling protests. So the inspector starts asking questions he begins with Birling and goes on to ask everyone in the ...

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