To what purpose, and in what ways, does J.B Priestly present the effect of the inspector's visit on Sheila Birling?

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To what purpose, and in what ways, does J.B Priestly present the effect of the inspector’s visit on Sheila Birling?

   An inspector calls was written in 1945 and was set the week the titanic sunk in 1912. It was written by J.B Priestly, J.B Priestly was born in 1894. He wrote the play in 1945 and set it in 1912 because he wanted people to see what life was like when class divisions all looked down on each other and politics was a big role in society.

   Edwardian Britain in 1912 was a lot different from today; there was a huge conflict between Capital versus Labour.

   It was a time when prices rose, and wages couldn’t keep up with the pace. One million miners went on strike in the biggest industrial walk out of that time; this was a big threat to businessmen because work wasn’t being done. It was also a year when the titanic first set sailed; this was a symbol of Britain’s wealth, power and might. The titanic also sank the same year. There was a lot of class division the upper class looked down on the middle class and they all looked down on the lower class.

   Women didn’t have power, as they couldn’t cote, so men thought they were the superior sex.

  Women in 1912 were not bothered about politics and society, they were fonder of how much money they had and materialistic things. In ‘an inspector calls’ Sheila is one of these women, and all she cares about is what size of diamond Gerald her fiancé is going to get her. Most of the women Sheila knows are into fashion, just like any normal woman, but Sheila thinks she is better than the women in the lower class. We see this through her actions especially in Milwards, when Eva/Daisy was meant to of offended Sheila, but Sheila is a very jealous paranoid woman who thinks she is always the centre of attention. In Milwards Sheila thought Eva/Daisy was laughing at her, Sheila said

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    “If Eva/Daisy had been some miserable plain little creature, I don’t suppose I’d have done it” here we see Sheila is jealous because a dress she liked didn’t look nice on her, this is how pathetic Sheila can be.

   J.B Priestly has put this scene in the play very carefully as this leads the life of Eva/Daisy to a whole host of events, this is the turning point in the play.

   Throughout the play Sheila’s character changes dramatically, she starts off quite excited about her engagement to Gerald, then the inspector arrives and he makes her ...

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