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Is Lady Macbeth an evil character?

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´╗┐Is Lady Macbeth an evil character? At the beginning part of Macbeth, Shakespeare makes Lady Macbeth seem evil. ?Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood.? This suggests that Lady Macbeth wants to be evil and she wants an evil spirit to enter her. This line also conveys that Lady Macbeth does not want pity to enter her heart as she calls for the cruelty. Furthermore, Lady Macbeth wants to become a wicked person because this is the only thing that will help her to do the evil act. In Shakespeare?s time women and men were not treated equally and the women had to stay at home to cook and clean although some of the women were educated but not the majority. In the early scene the audience might think that Lady Macbeth is an evil character because of the way she behaves and her use of language. One might also argue that Lady Macbeth is not acting like a woman because women were supposed to be kind and loving. ...read more.


This is a turning point in the play because if Lady Macbeth had not convinced her husband to do the murder we would not have the play Shakespeare intended and it would end happily. In act 2 scene 2 Lady Macbeth seems more practical and less frightened than her husband because of what she said, ?Go get some water and wash this filthy witness from your hand.? This illustrates that Lady Macbeth is not frightened of what she did. She is more practical because as soon as they kill the king she is thinking about what to do. Also she wants to hide everything so there is no evidence, whereas Macbeth is terrified and regretted what he did. Additionally, this line when Lady Macbeth says a foolish thought shows that she is selfish. ?A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.? This quote shows that Lady Macbeth is physically powerful and free from worry and regret. She tells her husband that it is a silly consideration to think about what might happen. ...read more.


I believe that Lady Macbeth is still an evil character despite what she is going through. Also Lady Macbeth planned everything carefully in this scene she becomes unstable because this is human nature. When someone commits an evil act and they don?t want to feel guilty but they can?t help what they already did they experience some fear and regret. Despite the fact they didn?t want all of this to happen. I feel that this is what Lady Macbeth is experiencing in this scene. Lady Macbeth is still an evil character. ?What?s done? Cannot be undone.? This indicates that Lady Macbeth is expressing her feelings by saying whatever happen which shows that she wants to escape from the past but emotionally she can not help herself. The Polanski adaptation of Lady Macbeth sleepwalking is presented very clearly. It shows that Lady Macbeth gets up from her bed while she is naked and starts to talk to herself while she is unaware of the doctor and the gentlewomen. This also suggests that Lady Macbeth is not as strong as she was at the beginning of the play. At this point the audience might feel sorry for her because she is showing some sign of regret. ...read more.

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