Of Mice and Men - the character of Crooks.

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Of Mice and Men Homework task : Crooks

1. Looking at Crooks bedroom it tells us that he kept away from everybody else, because he's black he's segregated against . The fact he's in a harness room tell us that he's kept away from everybody else . No -one goes into the harness room so he is properly kept away , this is why him being in a harness room is so significant.

2. Steinbeck tell us on this page that Crooks was born in California and that when he wanted to play with ' the white kids' who lived there his ' ol' man didn't like that ' . This suggesting that he's used to being alone as ' there wasn't another coloured family for miles '.

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3. It is important that he has a copy of the california civil right's code so he know's his right's . Steinbeck used the word ' mauled ' when telling us about him having a copy as he had read the civil code everyday as he lived in California all his life its important that he knows where he stands with the law.

4. Crooks is resentful , as being segregated all his life he's used to be alone and as he's used to this he likes ' to keep his distance and demands people to keep theirs ' ...

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