"Porphyria's lover" and "Romeo and Juliet" comparison.

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How is power portrayed in porphyries lover and Romeo and juliet

The audience is clearly aware of the abnormally possessive personality the persona possesses when the poet writes “at that moment she was mine”Could also possibly suggests he won her heart fair and that only he is worthy of the love of porphyria could suggest he went through a lot of efforts and challenges to win her over and acquire her love, he didn’t “cheat”  anyhow. By the use of the word “fair” he could be insinuating that the upper class men would possibly “cheat” to obtain porphyria’s love through other techniques like money and impressively high lifestyle to acquire her love and to win her over.

This emphasises the possessive nature of men which could reflect the typical Victorian beliefs and ethics of the time. During the Victorian era the reader/audiences wouldn’t regard this much of a surprise as it was common belief, and it was believed women were possessions of men while on the other hand the audience today may be slightly shocked this is clearly due to the different time period resulting to a very different views of society and therefore different belief, this belief of possession no longer exists nowadays.

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Doesn’t want to miss opportunity to trap her into this eternal love state. Perfect timing.

Both pieces are Paradoxical as both personas portray strength and power and surprisingly on the other hand their cowardice is also expressed

The writer is trying to communicate that the destructive nature of love, can lead to many negative destructive feelings like the possessiveness which can lead to insanity which is present in the persona which eventually leads him to killing the one he loves. He is also trying the show that

The audience is clearly aware of the abnormal ...

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