Room 101 Bus Rant

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Room 101

After much thought, I have decided that what I would like to be put in Room 101 are certain annoying people on buses. People who sit next to you on an empty bus, people who talk loudly on their phone and people who try to talk to you when you are clearly not in the mood are three examples of this. I beg, I demand, I implore you to join me in agreeing that these people are what ruins public transport for us hard-working citizens.

My first qualm with people on buses is those who sit next to you when the rest of the bus is empty. Studies show that 80% of people agree that this is unnecessary, annoying and just down right uncomfortable. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t you agree that this type of behaviour is truly irritating? Imagine this, you are on your way home, from a hard day of work and you would have gotten the luxury of an empty bus. You’d know you’d have a number of stops to go, so you’d begin to nod off, when you’d hear the dreaded ‘Is this seat taken?’ Of course, because we are polite people, we’d shake our heads and shift across, pressed up against the window. They’d sit down and you’d suffer the rest of your journey in uncomfortable silence, while trying to make yourself not touch them and thus moving closer and closer to the wall of the bus, which no-one knows how many germs exist on. When your stop would come, you would have to be the one who apologises when you’d have to awkwardly shuffle past them. Now, tell me ladies and gentlemen, does this sound like your ideal journey?

Join now!

My second problem is with people who decide it is ok to have very loud conversations on the bus. Since when was it socially acceptable to loudly rant to your friend in some foreign language on a bus full of people? Worse still is when it’s in English, and then we become the impolite ones, when you can’t help but pry on a conversation you don’t even care about. Furthermore, when you cough to express your annoyance and they give you the rudest look you could imagine. Surely, any sane person would agree that these people are bothersome? Studies have ...

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