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Story - Big Mistake. Dad! I shouted, Im going out! I ran down the stairs, remembering the creak of the third step. He was standing at the bottom, trying to look angry, ending up sad.

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Big Mistake ...And then my mind is spinning backwards... ...Back to a safer time... ...One short hour ago... ...And then I'm not here anymore. 9:46. I stood at the top of the stairs, doing the buttons of my shirt. "Dad!" I shouted, "I'm going out!" I ran down the stairs, remembering the creak of the third step. He was standing at the bottom, trying to look angry, ending up sad. "Where are you going then?" "Just out. I don't have to tell you everything." "Who are you going to be with, then, Ella, was it last time? Or was it Katie?" "No! Not Katie, Lisa. It's always Lisa." "It wasn't Lisa a week ago" "Well... It's different - you don't get it." "Maybe that's because you never tell me anything! One of these days you're going to make a big mistake. Something that's going to go really wrong. I just don't want you to blame me for not trying." He looked into my eyes then, the rage, never really there, had gone. All that remained was anguish. I looked down at the floor. There was a stain on the carpet. I didn't remember what it was. Dad had been talking about getting the carpet up and having lino fitted, but of course he never got around to it. He never got around to anything these days. "Nathan, if mum could-" "I don't want to hear about mum! She's not here now, is she? You only mention her because you aren't strong enough to give your own opinion." He looked away, wincing slightly. I knew that had hit hard, so I was going to pick at it for all it was worth. "See? You can't even look at me! Go on, look me in the eye and tell me what you think of me!" He raised his head, anger burning in his eyes. I knew he was going to shout, but all that came out was a mumble. "I just wish you would try. ...read more.


I turned away and headed for the dancefloor. It was 10:23. A woman in a tutu and a bra smiled at me as I passed. "How's it going?" She tittered. I would have tried it on with her, but I wasn't in the mood. I glared at her and stumbled on. A man staggered over to me and grabbed my arm. His hair was greasy and flopped over his eyes, and his pupils were huge. "Hard day?" I told him in no uncertain terms that his day would be a lot harder if he stuck around, but he clung on to my arm. "It's OK mate, don't worry, it's legal." I frowned at him. I looked down. In his other hand was a single white pill. "This will make it all go away." He waved his arm in the air as he said it. I would have laughed at how ridiculous he looked, but I actually listened to him. I glanced back over to the bar; Lisa was sitting there with her head down, clutching a cocktail. She didn't see me. "Sure. How much?" I asked. "First one's free." I picked up the pill wordlessly and swallowed it. I shook my head. It was bitter. "Ten minutes and you'll be dancing again." I nodded and gulped hard as he disappeared into the shadows. My mouth felt funny. My stomach felt funny. I staggered on to the dancefloor, looking around for my friends. They waved me over. I grabbed Mike's arm as I reached him and grinned. His face looked weird. "Wow, Nathan. What's up with you?" "Nothing." I mumbled. "I feel great!" James glanced over. "Man, what are you on? Your pupils are huge!" "I have no idea." I grinned "But it's good!" Time span away from my control. I was dancing for maybe minutes, maybe an hour. But then I remembered Lisa, sitting alone at the bar, and I lurched back towards her. ...read more.


The moonlight glinted off Lisa's hair and I couldn't help but stare at her. She chuckled as I got on and leaned in to me, putting her arms around my waist. Mike whizzed off and I followed quickly. The roads were really empty, so we were going fast. "Nathan, slow down." "It's fine, don't worry." "Nathan, please, I'm scared!" "Don't be scared, everything's OK." I pulled round a roundabout and swerved back on to a dual carriageway. I turned to face her, putting my hand on her shoulder. "It's OK." "NATHAN!" She screamed. I had my back to the road. The bike suddenly jolted. We flew up into the air. We hit a bollard. Never mind. ...And now my mind has caught up with me. I am now. Here, now. I see the stars above me again. So beautiful tonight. The cool air blows past my face. It feels nice. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. Must be my dad. Remember to call him back. Lisa is squeezing my chest, her breath warm on my cheek. She makes everything OK. Maybe I love her. And then the bike hits the ground. The wheels burst and buckle, the first point of impact. It twists to the side and the engine hits the ground. I hope that doesn't explode before we can get away. The handles graze the ground, my hand scratching against the pavement. We start to flip forward, we are turning upside down. Lisa is screaming. I am not screaming. We'll get away before the engine explodes, bikes are made like that. And then my head hits the pavement. I feel shards of bone buckle and push inside me. I feel the vertebrae of my neck shudder upwards, cracking against each other. I feel the skin ripped from my face, blood pouring out. I feel my arms snapped backwards as the bike judders upwards again. I feel Lisa's hand on my shoulder, her grip loosening, until it drops away. And then- And then I don't feel. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Amy Rowe ...read more.

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