The importance of Simon being in the 'Lord Of The Flies'.

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Katie Glindon

English- Mrs Benjamin


‘Lord Of the flies’


  The importance of Simon being in the ‘Lord Of The Flies’ is to make a balance between good and evil. In the first chapter of the novel Ralph, Jack and Simon go off walking in the bushes in the island. Simon discovers some Candle bud bushes and could not resist them, as he desires nature very deeply. Simon expresses his feelings with anxiety and says, "Like candles, Candle buds." Jack's reaction to this was to cut the candle buds off. Jack is agitated as he has been unable to make a successful hunt. Jack has not had the satisfaction of killing. This is one of the examples were jack is descending into savagery.  

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  Our first proper description of Simon is as ‘a skinny vivid little boy’ which may give the impression that he may not be aggressive and a very quiet boy. Simon is a member of the choir, but fails to associate with the hunters as the rest of the group has. Simon's habits are more caring, kind and sincere. Simon is deeply devoted to nature and enjoys his surroundings and the company of nature. Simon shows his Jesus-like spirit on numerous occasions in the novel. He usually shows this by helping the littluns or sticking up for Piggy. ...

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